The ‘all white cops are bad’ narrative needs to stop


Adam Scotti

A man is getting arrested by one female and two male cops at a police brutality protest.

Joel Carpio and Samuel Carey

In light of the Tyre Nichols killing, a Memphis resident who was killed by five black police officers on Jan. 7, people have to end the white cops are the only bad cops narrative.

The five police officers that killed Tyre Nichols were all fired, arrested, and charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, two charges of aggravated kidnapping, two charges of official misconduct, and one charge of official oppression on Jan 20.

In most cases when a cop is caught up in a police brutality case they are most often than not white but they can also be Black, Latino, and Asian.

In this case, five black police officers were charged with brutally beating a black man to death.

People need to stop generalizing all bad cops to be one race and stop discriminating against that one race they are making out to be all bad police officers.

Understand that cops can be cooperative with the public only if the civilian doesn’t give them a hard time.

When it comes to obeying the law most people don’t have an issue with it because they themselves understand what can happen if you disobey the law.

Most officers can go on a power trip and abuse their authority terrorizing the public for whatever reason that they may have.

Police officers are people to just like the rest of the world, they have feelings too, so pushing their buttons by insulting them or turning up your nose against them can turn for the worst.

People who complain about the police saying “Defund the police” are usually the ones who wind up calling them right back to help out in a situation they’re in.

The contradiction is real when it comes to incidents like these. the people who don’t like cops are the ones who need a wake-up call pronto!

Now there are a few officers of the law who truly don’t necessarily care for the community that their policing, which can lead to not doing their job or laziness to even listen.

Take example the Rodney King incident the officers unmercifully beat the man hardly to death and were all found not guilty of excessive force.

This made people view cops differently for the ones who haven’t been harassed by them but that doesn’t need to be the case for the ones who want to make a difference while serving the community.

Who else are people going to call when there is trouble or danger around them, the police so we might as well get used to them, especially the ones who have impacted to help change the public.

People need to stop saying “All Cops Are Bad” because they all aren’t bad, people need to stop generalizing all cops to be bad just because of a few bad ones.

Good cops don’t get the recognition that they deserve, it’s the out-of-control cops that be making the headlines of newspapers and news channels.

If others would take the time to appreciate the police who want to make a difference to see change happen then the world would view them in a positive light, especially in America.

Next time when you see a cop tell them to thank you like you would tell a person that serves in the military “thank you for your service” because that can brighten up his/her day.