Free Speech Zone: Should Biden seek re-election?


Susan Romero

Melissa Cazares gives her opinion on how she doesn’t agree with what Biden has been doing and how we need a woman president.

Jessie Rodriguez, engineering major

“Yes, in the sense that he’s already president. I’m a democrat, also it’d be the easiest way for democrats to have control of the presidency. I think Biden should run, I don’t personally like Biden, he’s fucking old, but ultimately yeah I guess.”

Melissa Cazares, nursing major

“I think there needs to be a change. I hope also in the future for there to be a woman president at least. We need more women in politics, I hope there’s someone new, I don’t really agree with everything Biden is doing.”

Angel Gonzales, zoology major

“There is a bit of a difference between if he can and if he should. So if you look back at his promises, he promised to cut oil consumption but the Alaskan pipelines, nope and he promised to make a unification among other politicians but they’re all divided.”