Artificial Intelligence isn’t taking over anything

People that are worried about AI taking over need to relax because it is never happening.
An artificial intelligence generated face with a brain that has an AI chip inside it.
An artificial intelligence generated face with a brain that has an AI chip inside it.
Mark Jackson

Let’s all take a deep breath and relax about all of this AI stuff because the worries of it taking over songwriting are ridiculous.

Artists do not need to worry about AI songwriting taking over because the difference in quality is hugely noticeable.

At first, AI music seemed to be something that real songwriters should be concerned about when somebody going by the name “ghostwriter” created a song with vocals of Drake and The Weeknd called, “Heart on My Sleeve.”

To be fair, when the song came out it left a lot of people amazed because of how close the sound was to the two artists.

The song was so good that it was even eligible for a Grammy Award which is super impressive but then again, the Grammy in recent years has been viewed by many as a joke due to some outlandish winners.

Since then, the AI songwriter ghostwriter hasn’t had a song blow up as big as this one nor has there been an AI song that has come anyone near the quality of this one.

That’s simply because it is not the real artist, no matter how good it may sound people know it’s not the actual artist so why should we care?

Drake is going to be releasing his newest album “For All the Dogs” on Oct. 6 and do you think that if ghostwriter released an AI Drake album on the same day more people would tune into that album?

Of course, not because the AI music doesn’t come close in terms of quality to the actual artist.

For the most part, AI music is being used in another way and that is AI covers, that’s where people get an artist for example Juice WRLD and they’ll do a cover of him singing Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.

The covers sound amazing, and those aren’t harmful to the artist because it’s a song that was already released what should the artist be worried about?

The only real reason an artist would get concerned over an AI cover is that if the cover is doing better than the actual song in terms of numbers that isn’t going to happen.

Mainly because most covers that are being done are from popular songs that are already well-established in terms of numbers.

As for photos well that may be a different story but still something people shouldn’t be too worried about.

You see with AI photos they can create a photo of anybody they want doing anything possible and it looks real almost too real.

The only reason why this is something to look out for is because they can take a photo of anything while an actual photographer has to bust their asses off to get a great photo or at least even a decent one.

It is for sure something to be concerned about but what will be the fall of this is that we have sources that include the actual person that is being used in the photo.

An AI photo editor could take a photo of a celebrity that is damaging to the celebrity’s reputation but all it takes is for the source to speak up and deny the photo is them.

The more and more the photos are viewed as false, the more and more people will catch on to this. The same goes for the music side of AI.

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