Women’s volleyball lose another close game


W.Volleyball’s number seven, Bianca Smith, stands out in the match against the ELAC Huskies. she blocked multiple shots and scored points for the team. Photo credit: Jose Flores

Jose Flores

Falcons women’s volleyball went up against the ELAC Huskies in a seemingly fair match since both teams are made up of freshman and sophomore.

The first set was the closest, as the two teams played tug-o-war with the score. The set ended in the Huskies’ favor at 25-23.

With the Falcons losing the second set at 25-14, they played harder and won the third set at 25-19.

Bianca Smith, middle blocker, became a force at the net, blocking multiple shots and managed to get “a few points” for the team.

Smith explained her motivation for this game saying, “The coaches told us to fight.”

The final set looked good for the Falcons, having 20 against the Huskies’ score of 11.

In the process of the Huskies reaching 25 points from 11, the Falcons only made two scores, ending the set with 25-22.

Smith said she tried to stay focused and humble even when they’re in the lead. “It can turn around real quick,” she said.

Head coach Kari Pestolesi said the team needs discipline and concentration.

The Falcons began each set in the lead and by the middle of the sets the Huskies would catch up showing that the Falcons would lose focus and control of the ball.

Pestolesi also mentioned that Smith “did a pretty good job” even though Smith has the least experience from the team.

“The fact I’m even on the court is a blessing, I don’t take it for granted,” said Smith.

Huskies head coach Elliot Walker explained that since his players are mostly freshman, he wanted them to focus on their plays rather than on winning.

The team will play a home game against Rio Hondo on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 6 p.m..