Astros suspected of cheating during the 2017 World Series


Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

HOUSTON – NOVEMBER 04: Houston Astros logo is displayed outside Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros baseball team in Houston, Texas on November 4, 2017

Jonathan Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The Houston Astros have been suspected of using cameras in order to help their batters know what pitch to expect based on the signs given by the catcher.

Cerritos College students give their input on how stealing signs by using technology is bad for the game.

Student Erik Navas said, “Using technology to steal signs and cheat is a horrible thing and they should be punished for doing so.”

Mike Fiers, the former Houston Astros pitcher during the 2017 World Series, admitted that the Astros used cameras and trash cans.

Cerritos College student Andy Gonzalez said, “If the Astros weren’t cheating then my Dodgers would have been World Series champions. It sucks how close they got and finding out the Astros were cheating behind it makes it even worse.”

The Astros were suspected of using cameras in center field that allowed them to see the pitching signs the opposing teams’ catchers were showing that was connected to a monitor in their dugout.

After seeing the sign, they would hit a trash can or make a loud noise that allowed the batter at the plate to know what pitch to expect.

Video has been revealed when a catcher threw up the fastball sign the dugout would not make any noises to notify the batter.

When the catcher showed a sign for the change-up pitch, the players in the dugout would make a loud noise either hitting a bat against a trash can or against the top of the dugout to notify the batter what type of pitch to expect.

The Astros have denied these claims and said everyone steals signs in the MLB.

Stealing signs has always been part of the game, but using technology to help to steal signs is illegal.

In recent years, many players around the league have been caught cheating, whether it is in illegal performance-enhancing substances or being accused of using technology as an advantage.

The Astros faced off against the Los Angeles Dodgers in a seven-game series for the title, ultimately ending off winning in one of the most memorable series’ in MLB history.

The series ended in Los Angeles with the Astros celebrating after their 5-1 victory.

George Springer was named the World Series MVP after tying the record of having five home runs in the World Series.

The Astros played well enough to win the World Series but now many believe it is due to the organization using technology to their advantage.

The MLB will now launch an investigation to back up these accusations being made.