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College Football Conferences cancel upcoming season

Football players in blue jersey-lined under Grey white cloudy sky during sunset. Players are ready for game time. Photo credit: Binyamin Mellish/Pexels.com

The Big 10 football conference president made the major decision to cancel their football season in the fall, to the ire of some football fans.

This decision seems to be the result of the many irresponsible citizens who refuse to follow simple rules to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Now we don’t get college football!

Not having college football might not seem important to you, but it means so much to the players, coaches, team staff, and most importantly the fans who dedicate their whole lives to the team and game of football.

Other people will say “Get over it, it’s not the end of the world. There’s always next season.”

While one season without football may not feel like the end times, it will have reverberating effects that hurt aspiring athletes.

The seniors on every team may have their football careers prematurely end and by this time next year, they’ll either be looking for or are already working a regular job.

A chance to get picked by a NFL team in the draft? Forget about it.

Player’s hopes and dreams to play in the league are cut to a small percentage just like that.

Could they take a different route to keep their hopes alive of getting to the NFL?

Yes! There’s the XFL. This football league is made up of former college football players who didn’t get invited to the draft and former NFL players who are looking to bounce back and earn another chance in the NFL.

Ready, set, hike! Football players line up against one another. (Football Wife/Pexels.com)

Last season, 31 players from the XFL were picked up by NFL teams.

The chances are very slim as you can see for any player in the XFL.

College football players took to social media to express their feelings and opinions on the decision made.

One player, Clemson’s quarterback Trevor Lawrence, can be considered the number one quarterback in all of college football.

Lawrence stated, “People are at just as much, if not more risk, if we don’t play. Players will be sent home to their own communities where social distancing is highly unlikely and medical care and expenses will be placed on the families if they were to contract Covid19.”

Lawrence might be right, how many people do you know have socially distanced themselves from other people and have been quarantining since the start of the pandemic?

Lack of Social distancing and masks is our number one problem when trying to slow down the spread of Covid.

For players going home, they must take responsibility for wearing a mask at the very least because a lot of the communities they come from act like there’s no pandemic going on at all.

The Pac 12 and Big 12 conferences will most likely cancel their season while the SEC and ACC continue to fight to have a football season in the fall.

If everyone had worn a mask from the beginning of this pandemic, we could have been looking forward to watching college football and Clemson winning another national title.

Go Tigers!

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Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor
Keanu Ruffo is a Journalism major and is the returning Sports Editor for Talon Marks news division here at Cerritos College. Keanu plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach once’s he’s received his AA degree. His career goal is to work for the NFL Network or ESPN.
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College Football Conferences cancel upcoming season