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NBA logo change should be in the leagues future

Photo credit: RaymondClarkeimages/Flickr

The time for the National Basketball Association to change their logo has never been more perfect.

Kyrie Irving, star point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, recently came out and spoke about changing the NBA logo which is currently Jerry West to Kobe Bryant.

Irving posted a fan created logo design of Kobe Bryant as the face of the logo under which he captioned by saying, “Gotta Happen, I don’t care what anyone says. BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE.”

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Irving asking for a black player to be the face of the NBA is a great way to show the diversity of the league.

The current NBA logo, which was introduced in 1969, features Laker’s legend Jerry West.

West had always been against having him be the logo as he said it overtook his legacy.

People would refer to him as “the logo” instead of remembering what he did as a member of one of the greatest dynasties in sports history.

Although West dominated in his era, there were other names that could have been considered in the decision to make someone the face of the league.

West is in favor of changing the logo, seeing as he never wanted to be the logo in the first place.

The logo change would bring about a fresh look to the NBA and is something the league should consider in the foreseeable future.

With all the rules and ways that the game has changed, a logo seems like a good way to embrace said change.

A change in the widely renowned logo is not entirely necessary but if there was one person to be that change, Kobe Bryant is an excellent person to have as the face of the NBA.

Bryant was a great advocate for the game not only in America but on a global scale.

He defined what it was to be determined to be the best at what you do, stay focused, and above all, be a winner.

Bryant was also a big inspiration to the younger generation of basketball by being a personal mentor to lots of promising young talent.

When asked, so many of the leagues best players today would tell you they looked to Bryant to learn anything from the basic fundamentals to ways to expand upon their skills.

Although some would argue that another icon in the game Michael Jordan should be the one to be the new face of the league, no one was more involved with molding the younger generation of basketball quite like Bryant.

The NBA was quiet about this topic for awhile before it was eventually addressed publicly.

League Commissioner Adam Silver has recently come out to say that the league office has had no discussions as it pertains to changing the NBA logo.

Just as the game of basketball is ever changing, so too should the NBA consider changing its face of the league and it’s players.

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Matthew Ramirez is a journalism major and Co-Sports Editor for Cerritos College’s newspaper Talon Marks. He plans to transfer to a Cal State but is undecided on which to attend. He enjoys watching sports, collecting trading cards, and binge watching cartoons. Matthew hopes to cover one of his favorite sports teams in the future in either broadcasting work or covering the team behind the scenes.
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NBA logo change should be in the leagues future