Community commentary: Christmas in November

Has Christmas come too early?
Christmas music readies its sinister influence.
Christmas music readies it’s sinister influence.

As the Halloween season draws to a close, we as a society find ourselves again-glazing over the next calendar holiday, Thanksgiving and once again casting our eyes to the green and red year-end finish line: Christmas.

Saint Nick’s ever-increasing monopoly on year-end festivities has taken on various permutations, but the most identifiable and most often ridiculed remains of the sonic variety: the damned Christmas music.

Yes, the bane of every retail worker’s December existence is beginning to rear its ugly head once again. Mariah Carey has begun her defrosting process as cosmic horrors beyond the imagination prepare to unleash their eldritch festive jingles upon your local Walmart.

Despite much joking derision, the reason for the premature festivities should prove little surprise. Thanksgiving, despite a fairly important place in the American national identity, is not nearly as sexy.

Only so much merchandise can be wrung out of pilgrims and turkeys as opposed to the marketing cornucopia that is offered up by the yuletide.

Though that explanation may provide something like logical sense, the masses that endure the unending tirade of malicious good cheer likely care little for logic. All that is known is a visceral desire for Rudolph to get off the damn radio.

So, what respite is there for the casual listener, the average Joe who wants nothing more than to escape the mind-numbing winter wonderland? While I might be bemoaned for simply offering up more Christmas music, one would do poorly to underestimate the wide range of seasonal sounds.

Christmas covers are rightfully decried as some of the most heinous transgressions ever committed against the musical art form, but not all cross into the realm of winter war crimes.

While some artists who have chosen to partake in this tradition are utterly baffling, that has not stopped them from turning in some shockingly worthwhile tunes.

It is important as well to not discount the more interesting sounds offered by the alternative. “Christmas wrapping” by The Waitresses remains an overlooked classic that provides a far more human and grounded take on the season than we are typically afforded by holiday fluff.

Though the siren song of cynicism proves an alluring one during Christmas time, it is important to appreciate the time of year for what it is, not the gaudy mess routinely offered up by advertising agencies. Underneath garish wrapping paper exists a sincere heart.

The coming holidays are ultimately dictated by you and you alone. Despite what some hijacked traditions may say, this time of year only has to matter as much as you deem it worthy.

While it is easy to bemoan the early loss of fall, perhaps we could all do with a little bit of a chill in our hearts.

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Lukas Luna-Arellano is the co-community editor for Talon Marks. He plans to shore up his literary credentials while at Cerritos before transferring. He enjoys reading, working out, and listening to various types of metal.
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