The future of the Sur Biennial Exhibit

Lizette Sainz

The artistic relationship between Los Angeles and Latin America is one that the Cerritos College Art Gallery has been exploring in its Sur Biennial exhibit, which will be displayed during the Fall Semester.

Likewise the Getty Museum will also be looking at the artistic relationship between Los Angeles and Latin America.

James MacDevitt, director/curator at Cerritos College art gallery commented the Getty is new to this game of looking at Los Angeles relationship to Latin America, we’ve been doing it now for six to eight years.

“[The Getty is] going to allowed us to mark it, the Sur Biennial through its marketing materials,” MacDevitt said.

He said, that the Getty is helping promote the campus gallery’s Sur Biennial exhibition.

“When they send out flyers with all the shows that are under P.S.T. L.A.L.A. the Sur Biennial will be there, Cerritos will be there.”

In 2011 Cerritos College along with Rio Hondo College funded the Sur biennial, is an exhibition dedicated to artist that have some connection to Latin America, Sur means South in Spanish.

“The Sur Biennial is a show that happen every two years, in 2011 we had the first biennial, 2013, we had the second, 2015 we had the third, and now 2017 coming this fall on September we are gonna have the fourth biennial.

“Now we have expanded, is not just Cerritos and Rio Hondo, is gonna be, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Rio Hondo Art Gallery, Long Beach City College Art Gallery, The Torrance Art Museum, Whittier Museum, Manhattan Beach Art Center, and East side International, is a large glamour,” he said.

MacDevitt said it’s all non profit, communities centers college art galleries and sort artist run non profit based. All of them are hosting exhibitions under the auxesis of this Sur Biennial.

In this particular case, the Getty gets to be very interested in, Latin American Artist, right now 2017.

The Getty has their Pacific Standard Time, initiative; he said, “They start it back on 2008-2009, back then they want it to focus sole on Los Angeles Art history, it funded a lot of exhibitions through all Southern California.

“It was so successful that they decided to do it all over again, but now their focuses is on Los Angeles vs. Relationship Latin America, they called it, L.A., L.A., Latin America Los Angeles.”

Art & Design Professor Lisa Boutin Vitela said, “Both the Cerritos College Art Gallery and the photography department at the Getty Museum present important modern and contemporary art to the public.

“The Cerritos College Art Gallery will be a part of the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time through the Sur Biennial in the fall.”

She continued, “The Getty has a much more substantial permanent art collection than our gallery, but the Cerritos College Art Gallery is currently developing a permanent collection under the direction of MacDevitt.”

MacDevitt said,there are a number of museums or galleries that have received funding, but you have to apply for that.

MacDevitt said, “We could have received some of that funding, if we had the time to put together the complicated form, but I’m just a one person and I have to run the gallery, it was impossibility, unfortunately.

“Not impossibility, improperly, I properly could done it, just didn’t had the energy, but luckily we did get on Getty radar, they know we been doing this for a number of years and they want to give us some sort of recognition for what we’ve been doing,” he stated.