Rose Buds: It’s time for the virtual sesh


Rebecca Aguila

“Rose Buds” is a cannabis-friendly column intended for readers 21 years and older. We encourage only legal and responsible enjoyment of all cannabis products.

Kianna Znika and Rebecca Aguila

When it comes to celebrating 4/20, a holiday meant for smoking or celebrating the act of smoking marijuana, one of the first ideas on every cannabis-enthusiasts’ mind is, of course, having a “sesh” with their friends.

A “sesh” is the act of gathering, usually with two or more people, with the intention to enjoy smoking together. However, due to stay-at-home orders, this is seemingly impossible. Right?


In a period of shared trauma such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to stay connected, socially, while we have to stay apart, physically.

Here at Rose Buds, we encourage legal, responsible enjoyment of cannabis products and are here to let everyone in on “the age of the virtual sesh.”

For most college students, the word “Zoom” might trigger something within, but truly the app has provided the world with an amazing way to stay connected with groups of people all at once. You can play games, have parties, and even work on an important project regardless of who has an iPhone or not!

If everyone in the group has an iPhone, of course Group Facetime is available as well. The most important thing is that everyone in the group is seen all at once, helping the individuals feel as if they are all actually together.

Once everyone is virtually connected, cannabis enthusiasts may begin “the sesh.”

Of course, it is very simple: everyone who wishes to participate is basically enjoying their cannabis product on their own. While this may seem lonely, there are actually many benefits to this.

For starters, the person may choose their own strain of weed.

Some people love Sativa but for others, it may give them anxiety. Some people love Indica, while others may argue that it will just make them too sleepy. Hybrids are usually the favorite compromise but then there are the many brands to choose from.

Ultimately, in a real life sesh, everyone in the group is usually sharing one type of weed.

In the virtual sesh, everyone is enjoying their own favorite type of weed, knowing that they are not pressured or obligated to consume something that may or may not give them the benefits they were looking for.

Bonus points for everyone experiencing their own unique high.

Videos on apps like Twitter and Instagram have also shown others finding humor and joy in the virtual sesh.

While in real life people will pass a joint to the person on their left, the virtual sesh has inspired people to lift their joint up to their camera while the other person “takes” it from them on the other side of the screen.

It definitely brings a lot more laughs into a setting that was already designed to make you laugh.

With these laughs, people feel more connected to the ones they love despite the fact that they can’t all be together during this trying time.