Gordita Eateries: Fatima’s Grill


Rebecca Aguila

Beef Kafta plate with a delicious house salad and yellow jasmine rice to tie-in everything together.

Rebecca Aguila, Managing editor

Hidden in the depths of a small city in Downey hides a tiny hidden gem that calls everyone to feast upon at: Fatima’s Grill.

Inside is an array of aromas that fills your nostrils and will have you walking in just to find out what the hell smells so damn good!

This place is located right off of Firestone and Rives and always seems to draw a crowd that is hungrier each time they visit. This is a place that is catered to big and vibrant dishes that the modern younger generation takes a kin to.

Fatima’s Grill is an infusion of Lebanese and Mexican food that is Halal and vegetarian-friendly. What you will find in this amazing fusion of two culturally-rich foods is something that is like no other when you first take a bite into any of the menu items.

One of the first things I noticed about Fatima’s is their Hot Cheeto addiction that is popular among anyone who is a fan of the tasty yet spicy chips.

The most asked-about thing on the menu is their Hot Cheetos fries that oozes out deliciousness when you first lay your eyes upon the spectacular sight. This dish is served with your choice of meat, seasoned golden fries, hot and fresh Nacho cheese and of course, the topping that we all crave: Hot Cheetos.

If you’ve ever had Hot Cheetos in a bag with nacho cheese as a kid, then you already know that this combo never ceases to fail anyone.

Fatima’s makes me relive my childhood nostalgic memories as I enjoy every single bite of these delectable fries.

Next thing up on the menu is their Beef Kafta plate which is one of the most plentiful plate that I’ve ever had at any Mediterranean food establishment.

This plate comes with not one but THREE beef kaftas that are so succulent and juicy when you combine it with the house hummus and soft, warm pita bread. It’s a plate that you must come with a hunger that hasn’t been satisfied in a while.

This is all tied in together with fragrant and savory yellow Jasmine rice.

I’m a very picky eater when it comes to this part of the food but man, it was so soft and there were no hard bits of uncooked rice which made this plate so much easier to enjoy.

A House salad is paired alongside the heavy meal which includes diced tomatoes, crunchy croutons and a light olive oil dressing.

Fatima’s Grill is bound to have bonafide vibes that will definitely want you to not only come back for the food but to simply have a great conversation with the owner, Ali Elreda.

A fusion between these two foods creates a diverse atmosphere among Fatima’s Grill which allows everyone to at least try something new when entering this local eatery.