Gordita Eateries: Sushi & Teri


Rebecca Aguila

Sashimi Plate featuring Salmon, unagi (eel) Red Snapper and yellow tail. A plate this delicate yet full of delicious savory flavors along side edamame beans.

Rebecca Aguila, Managing Editor

There are a substantial amount of sushi restaurants in the busy city of Los Angeles, which makes it almost impossible to choose which place will awaken your taste buds.

An area where you’re bound to follow all the smells that city takes, follow the ones that takes you into a welcoming setting such as a mom-and-pop shop called Sushi & Teri which is tucked away in a small Japanese plaza.

It seems as if Sushi & Teri has been attracting customers for years in this quaint area of Little Tokyo Village in Downtown Los Angeles where there are live outdoor karaoke sessions for the public, anime and pottery shops and most importantly food spots that are at every present in corner of this village!

Most importantly, Sushi & Teri caters to those who wish to get away from the loud and bright atmosphere that the Little Tokyo Village provides. It calls unto those who can identify themselves as “introverts”.

The most recommended item that I had a pleasure to feast on was the salmon bento box.

TM Rebecca Aguila
Salmon Bento Box whihc the most popular item on the menu is assured to make you want to take a trip to Japan.

This plate comes with delicious pan-fried piece of salmon drizzled with ponzu sauce which has a teriyaki-sauce-like texture, with a nice fragrant aroma of ginger and fish sauce that accents the taste of the salmon. Ponzu is a citrus-based Japanese sauce that tastes good with any cooked fish, egg rolls or gyoza.

It is also accompanied by a fresh house garden salad filled with cucumbers and miso dressing, a mountain of nice and fluffy white rice garnished with sesame seeds, four deliciously rolled California rolls, edamame beans that are slightly salted with yuzu salt, golden brown fried shrimp and vegetable tempura and finished off with slices of oranges to have a little sweetness in your life.

The salmon bento box is also suggested with hot tea which makes your food process easier in your stomach. Also, the tea makes you want to eat more.

Up next on the menu is the sashimi platter that is honestly one of the most vibrant dishes on the menu.

The sashimi combination is chefs choice but i requested the Unagi (eel) instead of tuna, it is accompanied with thinly sliced ginger and a dollop of wasabi.

Each sashimi bite was heaven and melted in my mouth like a true Japanese delicacy. This dish may look delicate and dainty but the flavors of each fish are bound to take down by the coast of country-land Japan.