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Falcon Punch Ep 1: Valentines Day

Falcon Punch Ep 1: Valentines Day

Hello people, we grab a couple of the fellow editors to discuss what they feel about Valentines Day. This emotional holiday has become so much more than a day of love and our editors have some great opinions on what this holiday means.

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Kris: What’s up guys?! This is Kris Carrasco the multimedia editor of Talon Marks and this is our podcast show known as Falcon Punch, and let me go ahead and say we own no actual rights to that phrase. We have my associate Daniel on the computer editing right now.

Daniel: Hey guys! What’s up? I am here.

Kris: Also here with a couple of Editors and todays topic we will be talking about Valentines Day. So the Editors are going to introduce themselves and they’re going to be talking about the holiday.

Gus: I’m Gustavo Olguin the managing editor at Talon Marks

Alex: I am Alexandra Scoville, the editor and chief.

Alan: I am Alan Layva the opinion editor.

Kathy: i’m Katherine Grijalva the copy editor

Gus: And today we will be talking about valentines day which is this Friday, February 14. And lets hear from the ladies first, what do you think of the holiday?

Alex: So, my opinion is that, recently i’ve realized that yes it is a marketing holiday, but it should be looked at way further than just companies trying to sell products for an insane amount of money or something. It should be more about love in general

Gus: Yeah, i feel like the holiday has turned to too much of a day where you and your partner have to spend an enormous amount of money just to impress everybody on instagram and Facebook. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. i personally hate this holiday very much. I may be even saying that because I’m single right now. But then again, if i did have someone i would feel like i would need to do something spectacular.

Alex: Maybe my opinion has changed because this is the first valentines day i have a boyfriend for. I don’t know if thats the reason why. But he does do things off days that are special.

Kathy: Yeah i think that they should show that every day of the year Not just on valentines day. People think that valentines day is a day where you have to spend a lot of money, but like you should do that already, you know?

Alan: I really wish this was a holiday that was all about love and not just your significant other but thats not what it is. It really is a day to emphasize “dang, i’m really lonely in this world”, you know? *laughter* And it sucks, i really wish it were a hippie holiday you know? Something like about love and peace and unity, but it’s not

Gus: I know now it’s: if you aren’t in a relationship, its national singles awareness day. Which is this thing where people are like “wooo I’m proud to be single.

Alex: Exactly. Then a year later, when you are with someone you’re back to “yay i can celebrate this holiday”

Alan: #teamsingle.

Alex: Yeah, i mean you should celebrate that you have love in your life, no matter where it’s from. Growing up in my house, valentines day in my house was my mom bringing us a little gift. It was always just a little something. and it was a tradition where you show people you love them. Jus like christmas is like thanksgiving

Kathy: Yeah it’s actually pretty crazy i don’t know if you’ve seen on instagram or twitter, people have been postingn “rent me for valentines day” and some people fall into it because they feel that they need to celebrate it with a significant other. They don’t want to spend it alone and they actually go and rent people which is kinda dumb.

Gus: You have those people posting saying ” i wish i had a valentines date or boyfriend/girlfriend” and I’m here thinking ” you need to drink some water, because you sound thirsty”

*everyone laughs*

Alan: I think people want what they can’t have because when you’re in a relationship its like “man i wish i was single, i really really really wish i was” and then when you are single you feel like “Man, i feel like the thirstiest guy in the world”. And some women too they complain on Facebook about how they want a valentine and they’re just drop dead gorgeous and you know they have no trouble getting a valentine they’re just rejecting everybody in the world.

Gus: It’s like those people who think they’re so ugly and take pics for their hair and then they’re showing their butt. You can’t be posting those kinds of things looking for love on valentines day.

Alan: You can make me double tap that on the screen at most

Alex: And just because valentines day is a day for love they’re making it such a point of being single, but girls and guys do that all other days of the year. Just let couples have they’re own special days like anniversaries.

Gus: So that is basically what we think about this day of love thanks, again for joining us. I am Gustavo Olguin the managing editor of Talon Marks.

Alex: I am Alexandra Scoville the editor and chief

Alan: I am Alan Layva the opion editor

Kathy: And I’m Katherine Grijalva the copy editor.

Kris: And this has been Falcon Punch. This is going to be a weekly segment where Daniel and I, and any of our guests, will be talking about random stuff and things. So be sure to follow us on twitter, Like our Facebook page, and give a subscription to our youtube channel. I will see you guys next time. This has been Kris Carrasco and Daniel Linares, the multimedia editors of Talon Marks.

Daniel: Okay thanks everyone! See you next week !

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Falcon Punch Ep 1: Valentines Day