Maintaining your beard

Maintaining your beard

Beards have come and they have taken the world by storm. However, make sure that you clean it up if you are going to grow out your facial hair. Gustavo Olguin is here to help you with the basic steps of maintaining your beard.

*sigh* “What can I do with this?”

“I can go with the clean shaven Clark Kent look.”

“I can go with the creepy mustache, like Shane Battier had.”

“I can go with the crazy beard designs like the hunger games.”

“Or I can try something… never mind. Let’s not reinvent the wheel and clean up the beard.”

“First, grab your razor and shaving cream. Personally, I just prefer soap and water and the manual razor. It never runs out of batteries and it’ll always give you that smooth look.”

“Make sure to put enough on the areas that you want to cut off, so that there is a smooth cut and there is no tugging on the hair.”

“Also, make sure you get above the beard that you are trying to get, because nobody wants that wolfman look.”

“Once you are done with the upper cheeks, go ahead and wash it off to make sure it’s even on both sides. Then, go ahead and start applying the shaving cream to the under neck region, right above the adam’s apple.”

“It’s a good way to keep the beard clean and looking nice.”

“Make sure you check the ares you just shaved to make sure that they are even and they are as smooth as you want them to be.”

“Once you are done, sit back and enjoy your masterpiece.”