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Halftime performance anticipation


Kara: What’s up everybody welcome to the first episode of the podcast, today we are going to be talking about the halftime Super Bowl line-up. Let me just tell you the fans are raving about this you know line up.

Since it was announced since, since the trailer came out I mean this is a performance that you are not going to want to miss.

We have five esteemed R&B and hip hop or rap artists set to take the stage at the so-fi stadium on February thirteenth. The star studded lineup includes Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar Whew! What a line up. This halftime time show is expected to be one of the best of its time.

Although we’ve had many great ones this is definitely going to be in the category of best *uhh* halftime *uhh* shows for sure, I agree with that a hundred percent – I mean honestly with the line up of artists this is like a throwback of a different generation, a different sound of music, a different times. *Smacks lips* These are like the og’s of the hip hop and R&B game during the eighties nineties and you know to 2000s.

These artists have used their platforms their influence over music to speak up about issues affecting not only them but their communities as well. You know from racism, police brutality, unhealthy relationships, etc. This generation of artists strived to cultivate change and bring awareness through their lyrics – I mean Dr Dre switched up the sound of rap music with his unique beats and his unique sounds, he also helped to popularize the subgenre of G-funk.

You know Mary J. Blige – I mean she is vulnerable in her music, honest, open, raw.

She has cultivated and created some of the best – some of her best music; biggest hits from that emotion of pain and suffering you know she used these emotions to share her story and you know share her experiences with the world with her fans.

Snoop Dogg. You know is lyrically genius he embodies elements of that rest that west coast you know rap feel from you know in the past to even present day.

*Uhhh* His verses and you know tales about Long Beach street life, and gang culture you know became his signature sound throughout his hip hop career.

Eminem was a stable part of hip hop culture during the early two thousands you know his ability to test various ways to create an authentic sound or his own authentic sound, shift tones and flows you know this brought a new era of deeply conceptual hip hop.

Kendrick Lamar – you know, although he musically didn’t gain success during the eighties, nineties, and early two thousands you know he he did during the mid two thousands – but you know he’s often compared to you know the late Tupac; for his unique brand of inner introspective you know hip hop feels music his beats incorporate funk inflected bass shifts that call back to the past hip hop origins.

So needless to say – fans are definitely excited they’re on the edge of their seats there you know there’s high expectations for this performance and I mean there’s many talented and seasoned artists on this line up so you know I have no doubt that they’re going to bring that stage down.

They’re going to have you entertained from start to finish captivated, entertained, you know enjoying (Umm) from the time it starts the time that it finishes. You know from their performances to the you know the stage and how it’s set everything is going to be immaculate and just exactly the way it needs to be. *Uuhmm* *lip smacks – sighs*

Fans you know since the trailer has been coming out – fans have definitely been kind of raving about *uhmm* and just being excited about what’s to come for the performance. Some of the comments – I mean I watched the trailer and so; I mean I loved it but some of the comments that I read you know after watching it. *Uhmm* You know about the kind of these five artists taking the stage one of the “best halftime show line ups ever let’s bring this old school rap back,” (Ervin Dubo). ” Don’t call it a comeback the nineties will stay here for ever can’t wait for this halftime show,” (Alma Gonzalez). “legit the biggest artists in the last thirty years in one stage absolutely incredible,” (Aram Moresian). *uhmm* you know so fans are are ready to see this dynamic and talented group of artists bring that stage to to its knees okay. This is going to be unforgettable show.

And you know I mean these artists are highly talented highly respected in the hip hop game and I think that the line up and the mash up was perfect.

Personally I’m excited for this halftime show I only watch the Super bowl for the halftime show I know some football fans might *umm* you know be so sad with that comment, but I – I’m not really too much of a football fan so I will be solely watching for the commercials and for the half time show. But you know *breathes* I’m hyped for the show because I think that this performance is going to bring you back to the nineties, the eighties during the times when you know musically these people were successful and you know *ehh* kind of at the top of their careers.

It’s going to bring that old school versus new school kind of vibe you know they’re going to bring us back to an old time but also bring us to the current times as well that’s you know my anticipation for this performance you know they switched up the rules of the game with their sounds *umm* changing different beats created music in their own authentic ways they didn’t you know go with the rules they just did their own thing and created music their own way in order to create you know their best music.

*inhales* I think the trailer gives or showcases a *umm* a generation of hip hop that each of these artists came up in.

[background noise]

These artists *umm* Taking the stage you know they are going to have the chance to perform and share part of their story from a much different generation and time with the world in their own unique way as they’ve been doing for years in this industry. *umm*

You don’t want to miss this set your alarm set your reminders, Feb. 13, don’t forget because this performance will sure to be sure to have you hooked from start to finish.

I mean and also this is iconic because this is the first time ever and probably the only time that these five artists are going to take the stage you know at the Super bowl together.

So I’m gonna provide the trailer videos so that you can see it and let me know what you guys think. Like are you guys as hyped and excited as the fans are as I am? are you guys like whatever about it.

What does this trailer you know what vibes is does this trailer *uhh* give you?

What does it make you feel you, know does it bring you back to the you know the eighties and nineties early two thousands what does it do for you?

So let me know. And thank you guys so much for listening.

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Kara Alexander, Multimedia Editor
Kara Alexander is the Multimedia Editor for Talon Marks. Her major is journalism and Communications with this degree she hopes to become a news anchor. She enjoys acting, hanging out with friends, and reading.
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Halftime performance anticipation