State delays tuition increase


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The California Legislature has passed a bill that now defers a $10 fee increase that would have raised fees from $36 to $46 per unit beginning summer 2012.

This bill is contingent on if state revenues drop more than $1 billon below the projections that which the state expects.

If signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, students at community colleges will be have time to reassess the state of their finances and plan accordingly.

Jack Scott, chancellor of California Community Colleges, released a media statement regarding this bill saying.

“I congratulate the Legislature for passing this bill [ABX1 32] that defers until summer a $10 per unit fee increase in the event that mid-year budget cuts are deemed necessary. Without this change, colleges likely would have to implement the increases with only a couple of weeks’ notice, and administrators would be placed in the untenable position of trying to collect higher fees from students who have already registration for spring classes.

Scott continued, “This bill, if signed by the governor, gives colleges and students adequate time to prepare for increased fees if they become necessary.”