Free Wi-Fi expands to more than 40 access points on campus


Eduardo Alvarado

Infographic showcases where Cerritos College students will now be able to receive free wireless internet on campus.

Carlos Mariscal

Cerritos College expanded free Wi-Fi campus-wide for all students and staff in an attempt to increase coverage areas and help provide outdoor study areas.

The Cerritos College campus now has more than 40 access points, allowing for the Student Center and library to be less cluttered.

The gym, Social Science, Physical Science and Technology Buildings are a few access points that were recently added.

The Wi-Fi is available to students who are currently enrolled, as well as staff and faculty.

According to Vice President of Business Services, David El Fattal, Cerritos College recently spent $20,000 to upgrade and expand Wi-Fi on campus.

El Fattal notes that four more outdoor access points are in the works.

“The hill behind Burnight Center, the seating area near the Elbow Room, the seating area on the east side of the Health Science building and the second floor patio on the north side of the Learning Resource Center,” he said.

The four new areas are expected to have Wi-Fi by the end of February.

“In some areas you will see two Wi-Fi options: Cerritos College and Cerritos WPA. Cerritos WPA is always the recommended and more secure option,” El Fattal added.

Cerritos College president Dr. Linda Lacy says the goal is to provide connect ability for students, faculty and staff.

“We are expanding the areas with the ultimate goal of the entire campus,” she said.

Earth Science and Geology professor Tor Lacy, who teaches in one of buildings that had Wi-Fi added to it, praises the idea of the added Wi-Fi.

“The expansion of Wi-Fi access on campus will benefit students if they use it responsibly; meaning it’s mostly used to seek out information that can expand the intellect of Cerritos students,” he said.

Although Tor does like the fact; he has his doubts with some students not using it properly during class.

“I believe it could be a distraction to students that are not mature and/or responsible enough to understand that classrooms are learning environments, and while in the classroom, learning is their job for that period of time,” he added.

Many students also love the fact that Wi-Fi is now being more available throughout the campus.

Administration of Justice major, Rebeca Cordova, likes the idea of Wi-Fi being expanded to areas that didn’t have it before.

“I think it’s great. When I bring my laptop I can work on whatever I need to work on while I wait for class without going to the library,” she said.

Cordova admits it’s frustrating with little room to study during finals or mid-terms inside the library.

“Sometimes it gets too packed and hard to find available seats especially when you do group work,” Cordova added.

Real estate major Jose Gonzalez believes adding Wi-Fi to more locations can be beneficial to the student body.

“It gives the students who bring laptops the ability to do homework and research for a class whenever they need to; it could really help in the long run,” he said.