New ASCC officers to get sworn in

Jonathan Garza and Jonathan Garza

Last week Cerritos College was informed of its new president, vice president and student trustee.

President – Juan Ramirez

Ramirez is an ASCC senator, and president elect, focused his campaign heavily on making the Cerritos College campus a safer place to be, with healthier alternatives to eat.

“(Aldemar Sanchez and I) do not go back on our promises,” Ramirez said.

While he knew that he was up against stiff competition in the race, Ramirez knew that the number of volunteers and supporters backing his team, would help to make his upcoming term successful.

“(Sanchez) and I made a commitment to the students of Cerritos College,” he said.

“The minute I get sworn in I plan to work immediately … on a plan that will satisfy all parties,” Ramirez said.

As a nutritional science major, Ramirez seeks to help Cerritos College become healthier.

“It’s not about us, it’s about the students,” he said.

Vice President – Aldemar Sanchez

Sanchez is also an ASCC senator, and sought out to bring more effective security to Cerritos College, as well as to open a no kill animal sanctuary in Southern California.

“I feel great that (Ramerez), our volunteers and I went for this huge obstacle and won,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez is ready to address the student body about the upcoming changes that he sees in store as the incoming vice president.

“My first act as vice president would be to speak to the students to make Cerritos College healthier, safer, and overall better for the students,” he said.

Student Trustee – Lance Makinano

Makinano brings a lot of experience to the table as the outgoing ASCC president, and incoming student trustee.

“I feel that attending board of trustees meetings has made me aware of student issues and how the politics and dynamics of the board affect decisions affecting students,” he said.

“Being ASCC president has allowed me the chance to build relationships with various board members,” Makinano continued

Makinano feels it’s logical to remain involved in ASCC and continue to advocate for students’ rights.

He has built relationships with the students of the campus that are going to allow him to transition well as a student trustee.

“We must worry about what the students want and voice their needs and concerns to the board and its members,” Makinano said.

He says he will make sure that the credibility of Cerritos College remains intact, and ensures that it will be a campus that future generations of students will be proud to call their school.

The new officers will be sworn into their new roles at the Outstanding Faculty Awards Ceremony Thursday, April 25.