New senators get settled as initiatives are discussed in first meeting

Six new senators were appointed in the first Associated Students of Cerritos College Senate meeting of the 2014 spring semester on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The new senators make up of four freshman Eduardo Aponte, Josephine Diaz, Francis Fernandez, Shawn Tung and two sophomores, Earvin Chavez and Yazmin Martinez.

Diaz, psychology major, said she hopes the senate can create a happier student body.

“I am really happy that I am in senate. I want to be more involved in the school. Hopefully we can have more activities out there in (Cerritos College) . We have enough funding and we can make the right decisions,” Diaz said.

Fernandez, kinesology major, sees being a senator as an opportunity to serve the students of Cerritos College.

“I’m pretty excited for being senator. I actually get to make a difference in school while I attend school. I’m not to sure what to expect, I’m just really pumped up to see what I can do to make decision and be a voice for students,” Fernandez said.

Aldemar Sanchez, vice president of the student body and chair of the senate, says that with the new senators there will be more involvement in student government.

“I’m really excited because I knew Josephine Diaz, Shawn Tung and Earvin Chavez, before they became senators. Josephine and Shaun went to the leadership conference with us last week and it was really great because I got to see their leadership and they bonded really well with a lot of the current student leaders.

“I really want to push more involvement for our court, our court feels like their not represented, so I want to work with our senate to be more involved with them and with (Cerritos College),” said Sanchez.

Another item discussed at the meeting was the Go Green Committee, a recycling initiative, that would come to fruition around the end of the month.

The people who were hired to the committee are Lance Makinano, Anthony Guerrero, and German Sanchez as a substitute. They are still waiting to be approved by senate near the end of the month.

Senate meetings take place every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in room BK 111.