Valentines Day comes early to Falcon Square


Reina Williams, Cosmetology major,is getting a caricature of her grandmother who is dying of cancer. Williams wants a caricature of her grandmother before she was stricken with cancer”It’s something for our family to keep us up,its a family memory of her as she looked before her cancer not as she looks now,” said Williams.

Instead of singing serenades, like the Kabarkada Club advertised on Facebook, it decided to sell caricatures at their Valentine’s Day booth on Thursday, Feb. 13

Ron Cordova, nursing major and president of the Kabarkada Club, was at the booth helping to draw cartoons for students.

“We’re just drawing people,” he said. “(Drawing) has always been one of my favorite hobbies.”

The booth had different size frames for caricatures. They ranged in price from $3 to $6.

Cordova says the goal of the Kabarkada Club is to raise awareness on campus about Filipino culture.

“(We’re) bringing a sort of a second home for people out there. It’s a really great club to meet new friends and new people,” he said.

Reina Williams, cosmetology major, bought a frame from the booth, “I was going to do something for my grandmother for Valentine’s Day.

She’s suffering from cancer, so (this drawing) is something that will kind of keep her in my memory as she looked, not as she looks now,” she said.

Pearl Netrayana, child development and special education major, has been in the club for about five semesters even though she isn’t Filipino herself.

“I’ve learned a lot from Kabarkada. I’ve gained a lot of friends,” she said.

Her in-laws are of Filipino descent and she feels that being in the club has helped her understand them better.

“I gained some Filipino words. I learn about more of the food. I get to learn what foods they eat. They have a lot of similarities to my own culture,” Netrayana said.

Netrayana is part Thai and Chinese and feels that she can relate to the Filipino culture. She plans to spend her Valentines Day with her family.

Cordova hopes the Kabarkada Club sell plenty of caricatures for the club.