Social Equality Club ‘fulfills the mission’

One hundred sections have been added to the 2014 summer sessions, according to Dr. Joanna Schilling, vice president of academic affairs.

This was announced on the Cerritos College website on Monday.

Schilling said that 80 sections will be added to the first summer session, and 20 sections will be added to the second summer session.

Members of the Social Equality Club and other students were present at Board of Trustees meetings leading up to this announcement.

They have been advocating for extra sections by speaking at the Board of Trustees meetings and presenting information to the board members to show that the resources were available and the need was there for classes.

Earvin Chavez, member of The Social Equality Club, feels like this addition is “necessary.”

Chavez has done research along with other members of his club and found that back in 2008 Cerritos College offered 1091 summer sections. Since then, that number has dropped.

For the 2014 summer session, it’s now at 612, this is higher than last year’s number of 432.

The first summer session starts on May 27 and ends on July 3. The second summer session starts on July 7 and ends on August 15.

To see your enrollment date for the summer sessions go to and more information can be provided by the Admissions and Records office.

The sections can be viewed by following this link.

One of the common problems for students is that they are so close to transferring, but with a low number of classes being offered, and a high amount of students wanting classes, they find that they are being held back.

Dr. Stephen Johnson, vice president of student services, has a solution for this saying that there is a form available in the admissions office called the “extenuating circumstances” form.

Students can fill this out to receive possible priority enrollment so they can reach transfer, but this form is recommended for students who have about one or two classes left.

It was mentioned on the April 2 meeting from board members that it might be beneficial to students if the name of the form was changed for clarity.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16.