New member inaugurated, possible pay raises

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

A new member of the board of trustees was inaugurated, along with two others who were re-inaugurated; in addition to talks about third-party media procedures and pay raises for trustee members during the board of trustees meeting Wednesday, Dec. 10 in the board room.

This was the final board of trustees meeting for the calendar year.

The meeting saw Zurich Lewis, a new addition to the trustees who is 21 years old; John Paul Drayer; and Shin Liu swear in as trustee members, as they were all elected as a part of the trustees for the Nov. 4 board elections.

A synonymous goal each candidate has was that they all encourage K-12 education; it should be empowered, in turn, facilitating success at the collegiate level.

Pay raises were also discussed at the meeting, with the consideration of the trustees gaining higher salaries.

It is to note that trustees members received a pay raise as little as a year ago. Drayer and student-trustee Daniel Flores-Resendiz noted that a pay raise is unnecessary, with Flores-Resendiz even bringing up that trustee members might even get paid too much already.

The topic will be set for discussion at another time.

Support for Jerry Ramos was prevalent, with former colleagues speaking on his behalf, talking about unfair treatment about his imminent departure from the college.

Students and teacher were showing support, with people even calling out the fact that peer evaluations seemed to be irrelevant if Ramos was suffering these consequences despite getting positive feedback.

The following is a post from the Social Equality Club, who is in support of Ramos:

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