Cabinet calls for bike committee

Carlos Holguin, Staff Writer

Members of ASCC Cabinet discussed and debated topics ranging from the upcoming mascot unveiling to the need of a bike committee at the Monday Jan. 26 meeting.

Cabinet meets every Monday at 11 a.m. in BK 111 ND is open to the public.

The meeting was focused on events that are happening next month in Feb. and events that still needed approval from Student Senate. The mascot unveiling, scheduled for Feb. 5 reached a small problem when President Miles Aiello mentioned that staff members on campus have pointed out that Cerritos College already has a mascot, named Freddie Falcon, and wondered if the ASCC would be creating a new mascot or revamping Freddie.

“The mascot isn’t just a device for students activites,” stated Sara Hickman, commissioner of athletics.

“It is also very important for sports.”

“At a game, the mascot gets the crowd going and excited, that kind of energy is needed, it helps the teams out,” Hickman added.

In addition to possibly renewing the mascot, the Cabinet members discussed legislative that was recently created to help the members of the college’s band acquire equipment to help them become a more mobile unit.

The current equipment that the band uses allows for little to no movement, which prevents them from participating in more activities.

ASCC President Miles stated that the equipment would “allow the band to attend more events, in order to help the camaraderie.”

The equipment cost presented in the legislative totals at $5,215 and includes straps for carrying equipment and jackets to help the band appear more presentable.

Cabinet will also be sending the Senate legislation regarding the creation of five hydration stations. These stations are being created in conjunction with the Go Green Initiative.

“I’ve seen them at other universities,” said Vice President Charles Caguioa.

“And what they do is that, say a student has a reusable water bottle or tumbler, the station would fill it quickly with fresh, cold water.”

The hydration centers would be scattered at different locations, which have yet be decided, and help to reduce the amount of non-reusable water bottles that student consume.

With committee designated to address the bicycle theft problem on campus has not yet been formed, the Cabinet debated the creation and use of the committee would be for students.

Commissioner of Convocation and Fine Arts Hope Garcia voiced her opinion during the discussion in defense of students that use bicycles, commenting on the new bicycle registration program and how it helps students.

While there was agreement that progress has been made Aiello did note that the registration may not discourage thieves.

“We have made progress, yes, but have we really solved the problem?” Aiello said.

Minutes for the meeting, as well as a schedule dictating the proposed topics can be found at