Budget proposal cuts from Game Room

Sebastian Echeverry

A main topic highlighted on many of the budgets printed out budget proposals handed to those that were at the senate budget meeting was the cut of funds to the Game Room classified salaries.

Some senators wanted this point addressed due to the fact that senators were still unclear of the future of the Game Room and what was to become of it.

The proposal has not been made official as senators are working out the balances.

To understand what the student body wanted to do with the game room, ASCC sent out a survey to pinpoint the wants and needs of the campus.

According to ASCC Senator Michelle Castillo, the results of the survey never fulfilled it’s purpose.

She said, “I think [the survey] did go out, I do remember it going out. The results of the survey never came back to us or we didn’t know anything concerning that issue anymore and I think we didn’t touch upon it because there was more issues coming to us in senate that we just kind of put that aside.”

Without the survey results, Castillo said that senate may not have all the necessary information to make a motion for the Game Room.

She said, “If we don’t have the results of the survey then we don’t know what to do with the building.”

The confusion then rose when a point on the budget proposal for the Game Room classified salaries asked for $67,000 to cover expenses worth $64,978.84 in 2015-2016. However, the actual projected income from the Budgeting Committee said nothing was going to be given.

Castillo said, “There was discussion about cutting the salary. I think for that same reason, we don’t know if that game room is going to stay or not.”

An employee for the Game Room, Doreen Pagano, said she has been working there for 14 years.

She said, “I talked to Dr. Contreras last week because, you know, he’s my boss. I asked him ‘what was going on?’ and he basically just said there are some things they want to cut and they’re not sure what they are doing.'”

Pagano also said that she has one other employee that helps her run the Student Center as well.

“So he doesn’t know and he said my job was safe, that’s all I know and that I’m not going anywhere unless I want to,” she said.