Strong, bold and united


Kianna Znika

Protestors gathered at Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles to express their concerns over the issues women, and all minorities, face every day. They participated, dressed head-to-toe in pink and floral on Jan.19.

Kianna Znika, Staff Writer

The people of LA gathered on Jan. 19 in front of Los Angeles City Hall for the third annual Women’s March, where they expressed concern over relevant issues such as pro-choice, sexual misconduct, the current state of the government shutdown and even the LA Teacher’s Union Strike.

This year’s “Truth to Power” march was kicked off in front of Pershing Square on 5th St. and Hill Ave. at about 10 a.m. Protesters, regardless of age, race or gender, were accompanied by officers on patrol, various merchants and a live drumline to keep them excited.

As the protesters made their way to the front of City Hall, they started chants such as “The people united will never be divided” and “When our teachers are under attack, what do we do? Stand up and fight back!”

The march did not receive much footfall compared to its previous years.

Celia Zeiger, 20, is an active member in the LA community and had actually participated in the first two Women’s Marches held in the city.

Zeiger was thankful, however, for those who did show up. “Individually, it’s hard to make a difference,” she explained, “but as a whole, there is so much more you can accomplish.”

This would be the third woman’s march in a row for many, including Caron Cole, 61, who enjoys the events for its “peaceful and loving atmosphere.”

For a first, Lush, as a brand, decided to make an appearance to show their enthusiasm and support for the women within the country and the issues they face every day.

Coming from various Lush locations, the employees met at 9 a.m. in front of The Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles and handed out signs with the words “Rise Above” to all who passed by, allowing protesters to then write what it was that they were “rising above.”

In addition, the people were also welcome to take stickers with the words “Flood the Streets” in bold.

Lunabe Zamora, 20, was chosen to be the main point person on the ground, representing the brand as a whole in LA.

“Everyone marched for something different, yet we all stood together,” Zamora explained, “It’s visions like these that make us feel strong, bold, and united.”

The official rally started at noon in front of City Hall, where the people were then able to enjoy live entertainment and various speakers delivering messages of support to the women’s empowerment movement and all minorities until 3 p.m.