2K Sports shines with NBA 2K13

Jonathan Garza

When the thought of another basketball game gets brought up each year, video game fans want more, and NBA 2K13 by 2K Sports delivers, boasting an impressive product that betters it’s predecessor in nearly every way.

First off, the graphics are phenomenal. While watching a game in play, spectators can immediately confuse the video for a real-life basketball game.

The faces are life-like, the courts are identical too, and it doesn’t stop there — as 2K Sports added in a neat feature where celebrities roam around court-side as they take in a game.

Faces like Jay-Z and Justin Bieber are just a couple of names that one might expect to see during an NBA 2K13 contest.

The celebrities seem like a bit much for the ball-game, but to some, it will be a welcome addition. However, to the more sports-savvy gamers (and fans), it feels like clutter to the title.

However, focusing on the players and arenas can make one forget about the negative, because there really is too little of it.

Luckily, the game isn’t just something pretty to look at, it sounds great too.

Packed into the game are the sounds of the NBA, including arena sounds, fan chants, player communications, and the grunts and groans that result from the game’s physicality, much like a fan would hear while attending an NBA game at their nearby arena.

It will be hard for players to resist the temptation to not get excited while playing NBA 2K13, as familiar tunes surround their living rooms, prepping them for the next jaw-dropping highlight play.

It’s important for the sound aspect to be properly implemented into a game because while it goes largely unnoticed, it really does captivate a player to keep wanting to come back and play another game.

For those curious about a game’s outcome, look no further, NBA 2K13 boasts a very realistic simulation engine, one that will be relied on by both fans and experts alike throughout the upcoming season.

A fair simulation by NBA 2K13 grasps the Miami Heat for a repeat performance as the champions of the NBA, this time taking down the San Antonio Spurs in five games.

While many fans in Los Angeles would disagree, it seems to be a fair attempt at crowning next season’s champion well in advance.

Without the proper simulation engine, this game would be taken as a joke, so fans everywhere will be happy to know that much detail was put into the game.

NBA 2K13 is available in stores everywhere for both the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360, and retails for $59.99.