Free Speech Zone: How do you beat the heat?

“Drink a lot of water! Hydrate!”

Angeline Kimic

Child development

“Wear light clothing and try not to carry so many books. Carry only what’s needed.”

Marta Munoz

Child development

“Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water and no soda. An Icee once in a while is OK.”

Tim Yuen

Criminal justice

“Staying in the cafeteria because it’s fresh in there.”

Iris Castro


“Nothing. We’re dying! I have [my] sunglasses and that’s it.”

Channel Williams

Graphic design

“We got umbrellas and (we are) sitting between two canopies right now. It’s still hot though!”

Damon Springer

Culinary arts

“Put a fan in my face!”

Jose Alvarado

Administrational justice

“Go to a swimming pool.”

Mehdi Mestari

Engineering major

“At home, I always go swimming. At school, I always walk around so the wind will cool me. And [I] sit under trees.”

Lewter Melegrito

Machine tool technology

“Try not to get any darker and stay in the air conditioning!”

Jasmine Major

Criminal justice