Free Speech Zone: What is the worst April Fools’ Day prank you have encountered?

Monyca Cedillo and Bianca Salgado

Moises Hernandez, business major, said “I gathered some balloons and threw it at my middle school.”

Hugo Gonzalez, architecture major, said “In 2010, I told my dad that my girlfriend at the time was going to have a baby. I forgot to tell him that it was April Fool’s Day. A week later he asked me about it and I was like, “What kid?” He was concerned and wanted to talk about the baby and stuff like that. I was confused but I told him it was a joke.”

Leonel Purtun, business major, said “I wrote a note saying that I was failing all my classes and I got someone pregnant. I gave the paper to my mom, but at the end I wrote I’m sorry mom it’s April Fools’ Day.”

Joselin Reyes, undecided major, said “My sister called me me and told me that she was in an accident. I was very worried and I called my mom to ask her if she received a police call because my sister had an accident. But she said that my sister was fine. That she was at the house, safe and sound. I was mad because I really was worried about her.”

Alicia Kampa, culinary arts major, said “I pranked my daughter by telling her I was going to take her to Disneyland. She’s never been there, but I took her to Chuck-e-Cheese instead. She told me ‘This is not Disneyland’ and she got mad.”