Do you like the new iPhone 7?

Ethan Ortiz and Karla Enriquez

Briana Gandarilla, undecided major, “Yeah, it looks like the iPod. I like the new earphone feature.”

Johan Delarosa, dental hygiene major, “I have mixed emotions. I like the water proof feature, but dislike that it doesn’t have the aux chord.”

Flor Velez, graphic design major, “It looks nice, a lot of people make a big deal about it. I like that it’s fully black.”

Alejandra Wenceslao, liberal arts major, “Well, I haven’t really seen it, but I like the better camera quality.”

Bryant Lopez, computer science major, “Haven’t really heard of it, I’ll wait for it a few months for the price to go down.”

Gabriel Becerra, criminal justice major, “It’s alright, I like the dual camera feature when you zoom in, it’s better quality.”