Sports Opinion: Blake Griffin traded from L.A. Clippers

Getty Images: NBA - Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets

Getty Images: NBA – Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets

Jackie Mena

The Los Angeles Clippers say goodbye to their All Star player, Blake Griffin, following the trade to the Detroit Pistons.

The Clippers told Griffin last summer that he would stay with the team for the long haul, so it came as a surprise to Griffin and fans when the Clippers decided to trade him.

Griffin is doing extremely well according to, his recent play with the Pistons, as they recently they took home a win.

This is working great for the Clippers as well with its new players, as the team took home a win recently as well.

There have been a few rumors about current Clippers players Lou Williams and DeAndre Jordan potentially being traded, but there were not many rumors about Griffin up until it actually happened.

Now that Griffin no longer plays with the L.A. Clippers and they have new players, it’s time for the Clippers to get a fresh start.

Griffin has been scoring an average of 22 points per game throughout the season.

Although, Blake has a great track record, he has improved, shooting 78 percent from the free throw line, but he can be better at three-point percentage, shooting about a 34 percent per game.

He is also a prone to injury, which is why not many options were available for him during this trade.

The Clippers in return got good three-point shooter, Tobias Harris, although he averages less than Griffin.

Harris would be a killer player out there with Jordan. So this is a good deal so far for the Clippers.

The Clippers also got another young player to join the team, Avery Bradley, who hasn’t been on his game in a while, but when he does, he can be a great component for the Clippers.

This will be a different team without Griffin, but they have great players who can help keep the pace going.

The Pistons on the other had needed a fresh start coming into the season this year.

Now here is where it gets tricky, the Pistons gave up two of their great players in return for Griffin.

The pistons got Willie Reed and Griffin from the Clippers.

With the Pistons sitting on the outside of the playoffs, Griffin is a possible key player to getting them there. They have a lot of work but they can make it happen.

We’ll see how Drummond and Griffin play out together the rest of the season. Griffin shouldn’t be undermined here, he is a great passer and great in executing an offense.

Although, Griffin is a killer in three pointers as of now, he now has to adapt to this new lifestyle and how to work along side someone like Drummond.

Both teams have great futures ahead of them. Seeing how this will play out will be interesting for both teams.