The College Football playoffs need to expand

Keanu Ruffo, Staff Writer

In recent weeks, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has received complaints from fans about how short the college football playoff is.

In any sport where there’s playoffs it’s commonly a four week tournament, but for college football, it’s only a two week tournament.

What’s the reason for this? For many, the two week tournament is good length for playoffs because the NFL playoffs are just around the corner, but many still don’t get why the NCAA made this new playoff change.

Get this. Let’s say the NCAA changed March Madness to just four teams and not a whole bracket of teams.

NCAA wouldn’t live up to its name and would dramatically lose tv ratings and views.

Expanding the college football playoffs to four weeks will give more teams a shot at a National Championship than cutting it to just two.

When you limit a playoff to only 4 teams, you’re bound to get the top 4 wrong sometimes. Sure, if they expand the playoff to 8, the 9th team will be bent out of shape, but 8 is good.

Within this though, no matter how objectively the committee vote on the top 4, an underlying amount of subjectivity will always be there.

It’s pretty unfair considering that there are teams that went undefeated their whole season or they just lost a game or two and still couldn’t make playoffs.

Teams like the University of Central Florida, Ohio State, and Georgia who either went undefeated or lost a game or two, all missed the playoffs.

However, those teams did clinch a spot in a bowl game but it’s still not the same as clinching a spot in the playoffs.

These teams should’ve earned a spot in the playoffs, regardless.

Not saying there’s a problem with the teams in the playoffs now, but the same teams are seen in there every year.

People want to see an underdog team, like the UCF Knights, clinch a spot and go up against a powerhouse squad like Alabama or Clemson and possibly upset them.

That would make news headlines for weeks.

Being different can be good and sometimes since it could become popular, but sticking to the original four week playoff tradition is a lot more addicting to watch and follow.

With a four week playoff tournament, there’s more games, more fun, more money, more intrigue, more excitement, more upsets and a system that keeps conference championship games and the regular season meaningful.