Free Speech Zone: What can be done to prevent things like the Momo challenge from happening again?

Edgar Mendoza, Staff Writer

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Jessica Ayone

Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Jessica: “I think it’s controversial with what you can and can’t do about it, but for parents I think they should see what their kid is watching and make sure they know what it is. For the kids, if you see something like that pop up, get off the app and tell your parents.”

Daisy Torres

Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Daisy:” Personally I have a cousin who’s always on YouTube, so when I heard I immediately told my tia so she could know about these things and be careful.”

Edith Carranca

Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Edith: “YouTube should try harder to filter what kids are watching , because honestly the people creating this stuff have nothing better to do.”

Luis Meza

Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Luis: “Better parental control, regardless of what age the kid is they’re gonna do whatever they want to do, even listen to a creepy face.”

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