Free speech zone: Will you vote for Trump in 2024?


Samuel Chacko

Edgar gave his thoughts on why he doesn’t care about politics and his view on the world on Nov. 22.

Emily Pacheco, Statistics major

“No, I just don’t support any of the things he’s done in general.”

Euwan Fernando, Nursing Major

“Personally, I’m an independent, I don’t care who’s running. I respect everyone’s opinion about him, but personally, I guess I would support him. But if he continues to do controversial things, I’m out.”

Melena Garcia, Biology major

“No, not a fan.”

Diego Villalobos, Computer Animation major

“No, I think he wasn’t a really good president and I believe he’s really racist. Trump really made an impact on this country, mainly in a negative way because of his careless attitude towards the media.”

Ian Espinosa, Professional Cooking major

“I don’t really care. It’s because I’m too focused on building my future and I’m not worried about politics right now.”

Salange Agayo, Business major

“No, just because I don’t really follow with his ideas and ideals.”

David Matthew Vulsaro, Math major

“I know I’m not going to be voting for Trump. I didn’t vote for him last time, I’m not voting for him this time. No strong reason why [he’s not voting for Trump], I’m a Democrat and he’s a Republican and there’s a lot of things I don’t agree with.”

Edgar, Theater Arts major

“Nah, personally, I don’t care about any of the politics or Trump. I’m just not interested, America is coming down, period, and that’s in my opinion. We keep getting worse, we’re starting to be controlled, the only way we can stay in power and be normal is if we all come together.”