Coach Kim rebuilds women’s tennis for upcoming season

Tayani Davis and Tayani Davis

Conditioning, staying healthy and keeping hydrated are just some of the things that the Cerritos College women’s tennis team are doing to get ready for this upcoming season.

Freshman Mandi Jenkinshas has only two years of prior experience before recently joining the Cerritos women’s tennis team.

“I’m looking forward to everything this season. The running, working out, and conditioning are important so when we have long matches I don’t pass out,” she said.

“I think it would be fun this season being with the girls and playing with the team,” she added.

Returning for a second year, Kim Diaz wants to see one change this season and that is improvement.

“I want to get better and still have fun,” she said.

“This season I’ll be working out, eating right, and I also want to drink water the day before for the next day’s practice.”

Although the girls are more focused on training and conditioning, Head Coach Alvin Kim is preparing the girls by “building” his team.

Falcons first match is on Tuesday at Victor Valley College at 2 p.m.