2015 Season Preview: Men’s Swimming and Diving

Emily Curiel, Staff Writer

After a win at the Palomar Invitational last year, this new Falcon men’s swim team is exceptionally enthusiastic about this year’s season.

With many new swimmers on the team who have a lot of ambition, this team seems to be highly motivated and not afraid to splash some extra water around the pool. They are ready to take on the competition and be even better than last year.

Returning breaststroke swimmer and Captain Marlon Moreno said, “We did a good job last year and we’re gonna try to get better for this year. We did great last season but we’re going to get better this year, hopefully.”

Joshua Owens freestyles during practice.
TM Emily Curiel
Joshua Owens freestyles during practice.

He added, “We won the Palomar Invitation last season and we’re gonna win it again this season.”

Moreno’s goal for this year is to go to state once again but not alone. He’s hoping that his whole team will also be able to compete alongside.

Captain Joshua Owens said, “It’s gonna be good. We have a lot (of) potential, we should be good. We have a lot of guys that are good at everything different, so we should have a good season.”

According to Owens his team is psychically tired but, “Practice makes perfect, right? So, we’ll be fine.” Owens added, “I feel like we have a little bit of work to do. We have to believe in ourselves a little bit more than I think we do, but it all takes time. We’ll be better. We’ll get it soon.”

The Falcons will open their competition season on Feb. 6 at 8 a.m. at the Palomar Invitational.