The sense of a glorious fifth

David Jenkins, Staff Writer

At Cerritos College, very few individuals have the privilege to gaze upon and know about the women’s soccer team.

With four state victories in a row and being raked No. 2 in last year’s nationals, this team has many things under its belt.

According to the cerritos college athletic website, the team was 11-0 here at home and 9-0-2 in away games.

Overall the Falcons scored 105 goals.

This doesn’t come with hard work alone but with the strategic teamwork from both the coaches and the players themselves.

Head coach Ruben Gonzalez is a very confident and up-right man has every reason to be proud of the success his team has had over the last several years.

Last season came to an end with an undefeated streak of 23-0-3, the team’s second undefeated season in three years.

Gonzalez, who has 12 years of coaching under his belt, is confident in his pursuit of history.

He acknowledges that he has a well-balanced team this time around with 10 returning sophomores, 10 incoming freshmen and five transfer players.

One of the sophomores is the ambitious forward, Amber Whitmore, who was present for last season’s domination.

The nineteen-year-old has been playing soccer since she was nine years old. She has a strict dietary code, staying away from fast foods, which in her words is “obvious.”

She tries her best to stick to “Salads, chicken, rice, all protein stuff, only water and some Gatorade for a little sugar […] and energy boosting smoothies”.

Whitmore does her best to juggle both her athletic time and school work, she says it can be difficult at times but “It’s manageable”.

She spoke about traveling. It gets her “pumped up” and it comes off as pretty easy.

She said, “I like traveling, it gives us the opportunity to go play other teams that aren’t like us. Most junior colleges, they don’t get to go out and play other teams and we’re like fortunate enough to go out in different states too.”

She loves being around the team, she admires the hard work that gets put into the team. Both on the field and off of the field, from morning sessions to afternoon sessions.

One of the 10 freshmen, midfielder Maria Guadalupe Hernandez is an 18-year old, who speaks with excitement about joining Cerritos College and the four-year state champion women soccer team.

She’s been playing soccer since she was eight years old.

After playing in high school, she became aware of the taste of being among champions and becoming one herself.

While attending Sierra Vista High School, her soccer team was league champions all four years, only adding to the championship pedigree of the Falcons.

The one of the five transfer students, midfielder Dana Jacobs is 19 years old and has been playing soccer since she was five.

Jacobs transferred from San Francisco State.

She said, “I played at San Francisco [State], it was fun I had a great time [but] I couldn’t be there anymore, it wasn’t the right place anymore for me”.

She admitted she was “a little anxious” coming here, but said the transition has been “super easy.”

Jacobs said that Gonzalez and all the girls make it “unbelievable” and feels that she belongs here.

Jacobs is appreciative of the new friends she has made.

She said, “I make new friends every team I’m on, so its like different new people. And the energy of playing is unreal, it’s indescribable, its like my happy place, calm, relax, nothing matters, nothing stresses me out, nothing worries me, its just happy, calmness, its great.”

She speaks very openly about what she wants and expects this year, “I want a ring, I want to win, and then I want to transfer this year […]hopefully continue playing soccer.”