Prescott needs to keep the keys to the Dallas offense

Terrel Emerson

With the Dallas Cowboys sitting on atop of the NFC East with a 5-1 record and just coming off of a bye week, I don’t even understand why this is even a topic of discussion.

Well, here goes nothing.

The Cowboys would be idiotic to start Tony Romo over Dak Prescott when he returns from injury.

I don’t care if he’s 100 percent. I don’t care if he has a reliable running game once again.

The good thing that the Cowboys have with Prescott and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott has Dallas looking the best it has in the last 10 years even with Romo under center.

Romo played in a career-low four games last season. Not once but twice Romo suffered injuries to his collarbone.

Furthermore, many were beginning to question whether or not Romo still had a career in the National Football League.

I was sitting outside in my driveway with my dad when the Cowboys played the Seattle Seahawks in the preseason earlier in late August.

“He didn’t even make it to the start of the season!” my dad yelled. I thought he was talking about Elliott in his first start against a good defense but then I looked at the game on his phone and I saw Romo lying on the ground holding his back.

From that point forward, I feel as though it is safe to say Romo has lost his starting position to Prescott.

Furthermore, the person that Romo took the starting job from in Dallas spoke out on this troubling time for a quarterback to admit.

Drew Bledsoe said, “The unfortunate truth about the NFL is, it’s a replacement business. You get hurt, and someone else comes in and plays well, particularly at a lower-salary cap number, and you end up finding yourself someplace else. It’s not a fault of [Romo’s], just like it was no fault of mine.”

The Cowboys drafted Prescott in this year’s draft and he has proved the team to be genius. He is 6’2″ 226 pounds out of Mississippi State.

He holds a quarterback rating of 103.9 while throwing for 1,486 yards and seven touchdowns. Not to mention, he now holds the record for most completions without an interception to start an NFL career. Oh and by the way, he beat out New England’s quarterback Tom Brady in doing so.

The Cowboys look the best they have in years. Why anyone would even consider putting Romo back in the starting lineup baffles me.

Maybe it has a lot to do with the relationship Romo and his wife Candice Crawford have with Dallas’ owner Jerry Jones and his family.

Some have even said Crawford is the granddaughter of Jones, while that is not just an easy google click away something has to be up in order for Romo to still be considered as a starting option for this team.

The team looks as if it is on the fast track to the playoffs. And I think the team has a better chance with Prescott, whose playoff record is 0-0 than Romo, whose playoff record is 2-4.

This decision seems almost a no-brainer to me.