Sports Opinion: UFC 229 Brawl Out

Rebecca Aguila, Staff Writer

UFC 229 was probably the most memorable match at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada on Oct. 6.

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Khabib Nurmagomedov settled the grudge match with Irish feather weight Conor McGregor.

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In the first round, Nurmagomedov gave McGregor a run for his money when Nurmagomedov locked his right fist with McGregor’s face making his head turn distinctively.

Nurmagomedov won the match by using his outstanding grappling skills to take down his mixed-martial arts opponent.

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The lightweight UFC title was announced on air to Nurmagomedov in the fourth round by submission.

The T-Mobile Arena was prepared for this highly-anticipated controlled fight. However, the promoters of the event did not expect a full out brawl between the audience members and UFC teams.

There were multiple arrests and fights between women as well.

All hell broke loose when McGregor was put into a rear-naked choke hold which ultimately left him with one choice: to tap out.

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This was McGregor’s fourth loss in a fight since the last match he had with pro-boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, back in 2017. It appears the McGregors antics and loud-mouth presence got the best of him in fights that he created last minute.

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Nurmagomedov wasn’t finished yet and had to deal with some other problems in McGregors team.

He stood over McGregor as referees tried to help him up, shouting some unfriendly words directly towards him and appeared to have spit on him.

Nurmagomedov then turned his attention to McGregors’ team member and Bellatore MMA fighter Dillon Danis while jumping over the octagon fence.

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Apparently, the beef between Nurmagomedov and McGregor all started in April when McGregor attacked a bus full of fighters in which Nurmagomedov was in.

Also, a team member on McGregors’ team, Artem Lobov, was slapped by Nurmagomdov for making comments about the Russian fighter on social media.

Justin Reaves, freshman Cerritos College basketball-player, gave his input on what happened between the two temperamental opponents. He said, “Conor McGregors antics finally caught up to him and was able to find someone who is at the same level as he is.”

Reaves was obviously not expecting such a entertaining night that weekend, especially when a mixed martial arts fighter like McGregor gets beaten down.

Was this the right move by Nurmagomedov to potentially harm his successful record and career? Apparently, the fighter actually has his belt and check on hold due to the brawl after the match.

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It is not really clear if this attack was planned, but if so Nurmagomedov could potentially lose his title for losing his cool in front of millions of viewers.

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As of right now, McGregor and Nurmagomedov both face losing some of their major sponsors for their outburst.