Super Bowl loss equals win

Quinae Austin

Former Los Angeles Rams quarterback coach Zac Taylor, has filled the Cincinnati Bengals head coach position. This is great for this team, after having Marvin Lewis for 16 seasons rarely making the playoffs.

The team really didn’t have to go far to find Taylor since he has history in the town working at the University of Cincinnati as the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach back in 2016.

The rumor was suspected for months, but Monday the team revealed the rumor to be true once the Rams’ had encountered the super bowl loss to the New England Patriots.

Taylor has shown the strength of investing in his players and making sure he leads them to growth. Which growth is needed amongst this team if they want a chance at redeeming their name after suffering three straight losing seasons.

With the Bengals talent and his offensive minded strengths, this is a great opportunity to prove himself. Not that he hasn’t already considering the success of Jared Goff, and his turn around.

Taylor has gained experience with two NFL franchises teams within his coaching career. The Miami Dolphins and The Los Angeles Rams where he held the position of offensive coordinator. Being the second youngest head coach in the NFL.

He is happy and fortunate to join the Cincinnati Bengals as head coach. He believes they are a great organization with good people, and a rich history. With his high hopes of the team, I’m sure that Taylor will bring the Bengals good things.

Sean McVay, the Los Angeles Rams head coach, shares Taylor’s joy and is ready to see what the season has in store for the Bengals.

We all know that the Bengals desperately can use some change, and the only way is up from here.

The Bengals have high hopes that this move will get them its first playoff game since 1990.