Off The Field: Attack the Houston Astros’ any chance on that field


Daniel A. Varela/Miami Herald/TNS

The Houston Astros baseball team line up for the national anthem ahead of a spring training game against the Miami Marlins at FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020 in West Palm Beach, Fla. (Daniel A. Varela/Miami Herald/TNS)

Luis Lemus

So, we are now a few weeks into Spring training for baseball.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the team gets heckled daily.

Poor team, someone get them some tissue.

Just as when a team puts a soldier on the scoreboard to receive a mountain of applause, these cheaters, the Astros, should keep receiving loud and proud heckling and boos from the National Anthem to every at-bat they get announced.

Derrick Coleman
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Honestly, I don’t even care if these players might not have been on the 2017 team; they are a part of the cheating organization and it’s just part of what is to come from other teams.

Also, teams should turn away from the Astros as both teams line up at the baselines in protest of their actions.

I don’t even care for the lousy “hunk of metal” as baseball commissioner Rob Manfred so eloquently referred to the championship trophy by. That was almost as shocking as the Astros doing the misdeeds themselves.

“Way to stick your neck out there, Commissioner.”

Even some little league teams are expressing their discomfort by not using the name Astros anymore due to what has transpired. They probably don’t want any negativity that comes along with using that name.

Kudos to the organizations of certain Little League baseball throughout the country who decided to have more baseballs than the pea-brained looking MLB commissioner Manfred to be taking action as a learning opportunity for the youngsters that it is not okay to reward cheating.

You see, this is much more than a petty grudge with the Astros. Hell, they and the Dodgers will not even face one another in interleague play in the regular season as the Dodgers will be facing the AL central teams and the Astros have the NL central divisions to deal with before they have a chance of facing one another in the world series.

Baseball is a great game with tons of “unspoken rules.”

If the Astros want to hoist up another hunk of metal, let it happen again after being plunked so many times they win due to a bases-loaded walk and they win after another pitch to the foot.

It’s either let them win like that or they just get plain beaten like one of the drums used in Houston.

Ratings gold, either way.

Here’s a great little way of showing how the pitcher will attack without actually doing it but it requires to pinpoint accuracy to work.

Pitch the Astros hitter a solid slider to make them “hit the deck.”

Fuck it: throw two to show them who’s boss.