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Off The Field Podcast: NFL draft and baseball update

Derrick Coleman
“Off The Field” is a podcast dedicated to sports opinions from various writers within Talon Marks. Podcasts are published weekly.

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derrick coleman: Hello, and welcome back to off the field. I’m Derrick.

Luis: I’m Luis.

derrick Coleman: So Luis, do you want to talk a little bit about what we’re gonna talk about today.

Luis: Yeah, I’m we are discussing tonight’s draft. I want to get your thoughts on the whole thing being virtual on how that what your expectations are, and I want to discuss the baseball Commissioner find them finally making a decision on the 2018 Red Sox scandal, Derrick right?

derrick Coleman: So what’s your take on it?

Luis: Um, well, what I think about it, I mean, and the article is coming soon, but just put in, in so many words in just further proof for me thathese teams had to keep their weight in the championship. Right that they couldn’t do it on their own to beat the Dodgers.

derrick Coleman: Right? Which arena sucks.

Luis: Yeah, but I take it as a small victory. I mean, I know it might create a, like, groups in the locker room, because you have really pitcher, Joe Kelly, who was on that team and is now with the Dodgers, And you have mukhi bets. I mean, are you gonna have them separate in or out? You go, I’m bound Bring my team one to someone who’s keen and again who stole no ring from you. A

derrick coleman: Yeah, that that really sucks.

Luis: Yeah I mean it sucks as a Dodger fan to be not only slapped in the face by the commissioner. Oh, we’ll find them a draft pin will suspend with vow pay the man who oversaw replying for one year and then sent like these teams are changing and printing much and getting away with it. I mean he is some by not doing a hard. I’m decision scrimping them. But title. I mean you’re almost endorsing the genie. A I don’t know how you feel about it.

derrick coleman : I mean as a as a baseball fan, she didn’t is in I mean in a A sport in any sport, I mean children’s cheer to me.

Luis: Right? Especially, I mean, it thin even bigger slap in the face and say, Oh, they only did they during the regular scenes and

derrick coleman: that’s kind of

luis: I mean, what did they somehow come to a decision? Oh, weds are over. We need played by the room now. No. I mean I put myself in their shoes. I’m thinking hey, if it ain’t broke why fix that employee have been things caught within leanness word since the two games wide stop now. Yeah

derrick Coleman: that’s true. I I completely agree with that. I mean, there’s it’s bad. Yeah. I agree.
I mean, I wonder when the season start, you know, I wonder how strict the league is gonna be about that.

Luis: Right? I agree. I mean, are is the league gun put and MLB official in the replay room, are they gonna stop happening that? I mean, it just opens even more questions than the answer brought by.

derrick Coleman: Yeah. Yeah, I mean it’s, it’s pretty bad.

Luis: Yeah. And that’s just putting in like late. Yeah. Yeah.

derrick Coleman: What do you think about tonight’s draft

luis: Um, I think we’ll be interesting given the fact that there won’t be a big, like Madison Square Garden, people at the tables would their reps.

derrick Coleman: Actually it wasn’t supposed to be in New York. It was supposed to be in Las Vegas.

luis 8:26
Oh, even better. Okay. Yeah. So now with I’m assuming individuals being at home, getting a phone call, perhaps one person with the video camera catching the moment they get the call or hear their name. Yeah, it’ll be interesting.

derrick coleman: Yeah, it is. I mean, that’s what happened when the WNBhad a draft. You know, it was gonna just kind of like the same thing.

Luis: Okay. Um, right. So I guess as baseballs fan, the draft will be next month. So, it’ll be interesting to see how we’re covering tonight and how mlb been done. Since In June

derrick coleman: Yeah, that’s gonna be really interesting.

Luis: Yeah. Oh, um, one last name. A 92-year-ol man. Vin Scully is 92 Vin Scully today was the dodger’s broadcaster.

derrick coleman: Vin Scully. Yes,

luis: yeah. fall at home on Tuesday. And I’ll finish with the quote that said Yeah.

derrick coleman: What is the quote that that that he said?

luis:So , I guess seem one to Instagram or tweet and well, I guess I’m not gonna slide ahead burns any more. No. I mean, he’s always been looking at things from a brighter point of view. And hey, taking everything in stride And in such a good thing that he has been stopped.

derrick coleman: That’s true.

Luis: Yeah.

derrick coleman: That’s that’s, that’s pretty crazy.

luis 12:17
Yeah, no you need to

He is God story. A baby does he see?

derrick coleman 12:31
So, I you been entertaining yourself without sports? I mean is there when are you able to work out or?

luis 12:43

I can but just due to

me having

protective Cameron’s We’re at Tad, brother. A mommy outside, right? Oh, literally the quarantine is very literal. I mean, I might get some window open. I might go outside to get a hair cut. Hey, that’s pretty much it.

A How about you?

derrick coleman: I really haven’t been able to do any kind of workout but okay. Yeah.

luis: One thing I have been thinking is fine like resistance bands that have that have a certain way of how hard is to do a curl for example.

derrick coleman: Okay, yeah, you might be able to find it at below five.

luis: Yeah, yeah.

derrick coleman: Okay, let me end this. This has been off the fail. I’m Derek.

Luis: I’m Luis. I will see you guys

derrick coleman: next week.

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About the Contributors
Derrick Coleman
Derrick Coleman, Co-Multimedia Editor
Derrick Coleman is the Co-Multimedia Editor at Talon Marks. He was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he lived for 15 years before coming to the United States. His goal is to start his own photography business.
Luis Lemus
Luis Lemus, Co-Sports Editor
Luis is very big on baseball and tries to attend as many games as he can when there are no classes, of course. When he is not in class or attending a baseball game, he enjoys listening to music, specifically Hip-Hop and Banda. Specifically Banda MS, Banda La Adictiva and Banda El Recodo.
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Off The Field Podcast: NFL draft and baseball update