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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Cerritos students ’emerge’ in Los Angeles exhibit

Rebeca Vega and Rebeca Vega May 3, 2011

To Danny Gaviria, president of the Graphic Design Club and AIGA chapter at Cerritos College, the best moment in participating in his first art exhibition was letting go of the anxiety he felt weeks before...

Read the fine print before you sign on those dotted lines

Read the fine print before you sign on those dotted lines

Rebeca Vega March 31, 2011

Instructors at community colleges have enough trouble getting students to turn in their homework.  It's absurd to imagine that professors at four-year universities also have to enforce leading a...

Retirement incentive program tempts faculty

Rebeca Vega March 22, 2011

A representative from Public Agency Retirement Services, presented information at the March 2 Board of Trustees meeting indicating that the school would save roughly $1.5 million during the first year...

Students and faculty to feel the burn of summer school cuts

Rebeca Vega March 15, 2011

Executive council at Cerritos College will meet on Wednesday to possibly finalize a reduced list of course offerings for this year's summer session. The list, which has been scrutinized to meet certain...

Appearance is important on and off the field

Rebeca Vega March 8, 2011

 When you buy a ticket, go to the game but stay for the fashion show. Athletes set themselves apart from their uniformed teammates through body alterations and unique hairstyles. It makes sense. ...

Tremel Stewart hands Master Sgt. Schafer an award for his continued support for the BSU.

BSU honors military school

Rebeca Vega March 1, 2011

Representatives of the Black Student Union visited military training classes at Southeast Academy High School on Friday to reward four community leaders for their service. Former president of the BSU...

Students need to get in and get out

Rebeca Vega February 8, 2011

California's community college students are getting in their own way. Studies show we spend an average of six years experimenting with coursework that should ideally take two years to complete, and we...

Cerritos needs to wake up and smell the concern

Rebeca Vega January 25, 2011

There's an elephant in the room; it's time to give it a name: Concern. We're concerned, not just for our financial aid or for a guaranteed spot in a class, but for our safety. Even if it isn't the first...

Proposed budget cuts lead to possible fee increase

Rebeca Vega January 18, 2011

Students learned there was more to worry about than congested parking lots and long lines at the bookstore on the first day of the spring semester: a possible future fee increase. Last Monday, seven...

Campus police make case for guns at ASCC Senate meeting

Rebeca Vega December 8, 2010

Members of the Associated Students of Cerritos College decided to further discuss the issue of granting campus police officers firearms at the ASCC Senate meeting on Dec. 8.   All 26 senators present...

Campus to discuss approval of police carrying guns

Rebeca Vega, Joey Berumen December 6, 2010

Spurred by the District Committee on Safety, representatives of the Cerritos College Campus Police Department are working with several groups on campus to build support to arm its officers. The college...

Cross Country finishes 15th in SoCal Regionals

Rebeca Vega November 16, 2010

Both the men's and women's Cerritos College cross country teams will compete at the State Championships this Saturday at Woodward Park, Fresno after qualifying at the Southern California Championships...

Cadets from the El Rancho High School ROTC program stand at attention during the flag salute at the 3rd Annual Veterans Day Celebration. It was the first time participants of the El Rancho High School ROTC program were invited to attend the event.

Veterans honored at the hill

Rebeca Vega November 16, 2010

It will take army widow Megan Griffin a lifetime to forget her husband, Private Michael Griffin, but it took her only 10 minutes to tear up during last Wednesday's Third Annual Veterans Day Celebration...

Transfer students pay the price for CSU fee hike

Rebeca Vega November 16, 2010

Cerritos College graduate Paola Plaza cut through the angry crowd of students that formed in front of the California State University chancellor's office in Long Beach last Tuesday.  "I couldn't...

CSUs should not turn to fees to solve their problems

Rebeca Vega November 16, 2010

California State Universities may be rolling out the welcome mat for 30,000 transfer students during their 2011 winter and spring sessions, but they're picking our pockets as we walk through the door. A...

Many students did not take part in the Nov.2 elections. Those who did vote received this sticker.

Students dissatisfied with voting options

Rebeca Vega November 2, 2010

Cerritos College mathematics major Frank Gonzalez speculates that a one-track mind gets in the way of students hitting the polls. "College students don't think it's sexy to vote.  People are young...

Cross Country gets set for Socal Championships (P)

Rebeca Vega November 2, 2010

John Goldman, head coach for both men's and women's cross country teams, is confident both teams will qualify for the state championships at this week's race, the Southern California Championships at...

Students need to vote, colleges need to make it happen

Rebeca Vega November 2, 2010

The applause of last night's gubernatorial celebration has been replaced with that of student dissatisfaction echoing in the halls of California's community colleges. Today, the state's college students...

Study shows community colleges are failing students

Rebeca Vega October 26, 2010

A study by the Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy at Cal State Sacramento claims 70 percent of students attending California's community colleges did not manage to attain degrees or transfer...

Student scared at halloween haunt

Rebeca Vega October 26, 2010

It takes psychology major Candace Rosales about a little less than an hour to undergo a spine-chilling transformation every October night.   Prior to wandering the halls of the Doll Factory maze...

Cross country gets ahead of the pack at Santa Barbara

Rebeca Vega October 19, 2010

Both the men's and women's teams bounced back with fifth and fourth place respective finishes, at last Friday's Santa Barbara City Invitational, from what coach John Goldman called a rough race at the...

Animation major Galileo Gonzalez adds more definition to his caracture oh Luis Artiga, former Bell councilman. Gonzalez inspiration for the piece came from the pastors alleged involvement in a tax-dollar embezzlement scheme.

Stars continue to align for Galileo

Rebeca Vega October 19, 2010

Computer animation major Galileo Gonzalez does not shy away from infamy. In fact, he welcomes it. "It's fun—why try to please anybody?" Aside from his debut at last month's Downtown Los Angeles...

rvega- Galileo feature

Rebeca Vega October 18, 2010

Art instructor Hagop Najarian tuned in to the nightly news and was amazed to spot a familiar face. "My wife said, ‘hey, that looks like one of your students,'" Najarian recalls. Standing outside...

Student Veterans make an impact on campus

Rebeca Vega September 28, 2010

Listen to Chris Markowski, Tiffany Pifer, and Felipe Grimaldo's interivew "If you had told me three years ago that I would be where I'm at and I'd be speaking for all the students in the...

Cerritos College runner takes first at the Orange Coast Classic

Rebeca Vega September 21, 2010

Listen to audio Cerritos College sophomore runner Gabriel Hilbert set the pace at Saturday's Orange Coast Classic by crossing the finish line of the men's 4-mile race with a winning...

rvega- logo change brief

Rebeca Vega September 21, 2010

Members of the Coordinating Committee discussed possible revisions to the college logo during the Aug. 30 committee meeting.   Revisions to the current college logo will potentially take place "in...

Santee (closer to the camera) and McPetrie (further away from the camera) discuss his painting, Gangsta Chick, McPetrie was a potential buyer

LA Art Walk

Rebeca Vega September 14, 2010

The stage was set at the Regent Theatre in Downtown, Los Angeles for a fine art exhibition hosted by students and instructors of the Cerritos College Art Department, on Thursday.   A total of 40...

CSU announces 5 percent fee hike for undergrads

Rebeca Vega August 23, 2010

The California State University Board of Trustees announced a 5 percent fee increase for undergraduate and graduate education programs on June 18, and another possible fee hike to be discussed in November. CSU...

Student mural on display at Cerritos College Library

Rebeca Vega August 23, 2010

To art student Edson Martinez, the opportunity to have a major work displayed at his college alma mater is an honor he looks forward to sharing with future generations."As I keep on going with my career,...

rvega- CSU announces 5 percent fee hike for undergrads

rvega- CSU announces 5 percent fee hike for undergrads

Rebeca Vega August 22, 2010

The California State University Board of Trustees announced a 5 percent fee increase for undergraduate and graduate education programs on June 18, and another possible fee hike to be discussed in November.CSU...

RAM/LA event had shortage of medical volunteers

Rebeca Vega May 4, 2010

A shortage of medical volunteers was the main concern shared by organizers at this year's Remote Area Medical seven-day free health clinic at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. "Everybody tends to think...

Students fear that many figures like Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez will be cut from history books.

Students concerned about changing history books

Rebeca Vega May 4, 2010

Imagine recognizing the name Cesar Chavez only as a street in East Los Angeles.Imagine studying the United States Declaration of Independence and drawing a blank when reading "Thomas Jefferson." Imagine...

Talking on the phone in restroom

Rebeca Vega May 4, 2010

The diva of daytime television, Oprah Winfrey, has declared war on distracted drivers who use cell phones while driving, but the ultimate No Phone Zone should be the restroom, especially a public...

Vaccines may also be available at the RAM/LA expedition.

Free medical services held in LA Sports Arena

Rebeca Vega April 29, 2010

 Today marks Day 3 of Remote Area Medical's free health services clinic at the LA Sports Arena and all appointments have been booked for the remainder of the week-long event, according to an article...

Academic excellence announced

Rebeca Vega April 27, 2010

The Cerritos College Foundation recognized the hard work of 17 students by awarding them a total of $7,850 in scholarships at the Academic Excellence Awards ceremony last month. The Web site for the...

Textbook rental program to launch in fall

Rebeca Vega April 27, 2010

In collaboration with Follett Higher Education Group, the Cerritos College Bookstore has announced it will launch a textbook rental program in the fall.Robin E. Lee, the campus bookstore manager, sent...

SBOE holds historical massacre

Rebeca Vega April 13, 2010

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of a Mexican.Chair of the Texas State Board of Education Gail Lowe and her supporters should be arrested and charged with murder for attempting to slash immigrant rights...

Indigenous Consciousness is theme for exhibition

Rebeca Vega April 13, 2010

When Art instructor Rebecca Guzak donated a 6'x9' canvas to her Fundamentals of Painting and Painting for Art Majors students, she never guessed they would end up creating "some of the best work"...

Michelle Serros signs copies of her book at the Strawberry Bonanza

Serros visits Cerritos

Rebeca Vega, Marquisha Hames April 13, 2010

Chicanas falsas and Chicana role models turned out to hear author Michele Serros speak at the Falcon Square amphitheater for Strawberry Bonanza on March 25.Serros, best known for writing Chicana Falsa...

Michele Serros visits Cerritos

Rebeca Vega March 26, 2010

Author Michele Serros was the guest speaker at Thursday's Strawberry Bonanza at the Falcon Square amphitheater."Give yourselves a big hand.  You're on your way at Cerritos, the little hills," Serros...

Michelle Serros to visit campus

Rebeca Vega March 16, 2010

Cerritos College professor Frank Gaik hopes to quench students' thirst for Chicana/o Literature at next Thursday's Strawberry Bonanza.The event, co-sponsored by the iFALCON Club and the Literature Club,...

A rising urge to fill out census forms is arriving

Census, to trash or not to trash

Rebeca Vega March 10, 2010

In a week or two, students like Industrial Technology major Mark Freeman who lives with his wife will receive a large, white envelope in the mail from the United States Census Bureau and have a decision...

Cerritos launches pilot recycling program

Rebeca Vega March 8, 2010

Recycling is good for the bottle, good for the can, and now, it's good for Cerritos College.With support from Faculty President Dr. Linda Lacy and Operations Manager Arcadio Avila, the Rotaract Environmental...

rvega- pilot recycling program

Rebeca Vega and Rebeca Vega March 8, 2010

Recycling is good for the bottle, good for the can, and now, it's good for Cerritos College.With support from Faculty President Dr. Linda Lacy and Operations Manager Arcadio Avila, the Rotaract Environmental...

$14 unit fee increase in Cerritos future?

$14 unit fee increase in Cerritos’ future?

Rebeca Vega March 8, 2010

The Legislative Analyst's Office has proposed a $14 per unit increase for California's community colleges which would raise tuition fees from the current $26 per unit to $40 per unit. In a webcast...

The word Negro on US Census exhumes painful memories

Rebeca Vega March 2, 2010

Question number nine regarding race on the 2010 U.S. Census has exhumed memories of a painful and embarrassing time in U.S. History.To some, the decision to include "Negro" as a racial identifier on this...

Rebeca Vega/TM

Villasenor invites Cerritos’ students to his ranch

Rebeca Vega February 22, 2010

Are you a burro genius?  Students in Dr. Frank Gaik's Chicano Literature class had the opportunity to find out if they fit the description of the book's title when they visited author Victor Villaseñor's...

Bike lanes we can all agree on

Rebeca Vega February 9, 2010

Improving the city of Los Angeles should be a collaborative movement, not a competition.A local group of bicyclists known as The L.A. Bike Working Group has created an alternate plan to the city of L.A's...

online classes continue to grow admist the budget crisis

Online class enrollments keep growing

Rebeca Vega February 8, 2010

Think you won't get noticed slacking off in that online class?  Think again.  Following the lead of a national study, Cerritos College has conducted its own research regarding the popularity...

Cerritos holds auto competition for future technicians

Rebeca Vega February 1, 2010

Ten L.A. county high school seniors were asked to test their automotive skills in a race against the clock last Saturday at the 11th Annual LA County Auto Tech Competition. ' The event, sponsored by the...

Cerritos College hosts HS Auto Tech Competition

Rebeca Vega January 30, 2010

Cerritos College's Automotive Technology Department hosted the 11th Annual Los Angeles County High School Auto Tech Competition on Saturday, Jan. 30. In this semi-final round, one winning team was chosen...

Cerritos provides In-N-Out on Welcome Night

Rebeca Vega January 13, 2010

Students gathered in Falcon Square on Tuesday night to receive free In-N-Out burgers and listen to music provided by DJ Cory in celebration of Welcome Night for the 2010 Spring Semester. The In-N-Out...

rvega- sample

Rebeca Vega January 13, 2010

This is the complete version of my story.  Awesome.

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