Child entrepreneurs promote their business in Norwalk Town Square


Vincent Medina

Mia Mateos, 8, sells her handcrafted jewelry from her business “Bright Lovely Creations,” during a pop-up event in Norwalk Town Square on May 15, 2021. She made the jewelry using beads, and sold stickers as well.

Vincent Medina, Community Editor

Child business owners sold their merchandise during a small business pop-up shop in the Norwalk Town Square on May 15. Entrepreneurs as young as eight years old were eager to sell their unique and creative ideas to promote their store.

Simona Munoz is the main organizer of “Simona’s Pop-up Shop.” This small business event is the third she has organized in the town square.

“After you organize your first pop-up shop, it’s a lot easier to arrange the next,” said Munoz. “It’s a lot of preparation.”

Businesses reached out to Munoz on her Instagram page @imbossy_007 .

Munoz also promoted her business “Stasiarina Boutiques,” which sells women’s clothes and fashion accessories. The business is named after her daughter, Anastasia.

“I’d love to have my own shop, maybe I’ll come here to the Norwalk square,” said the mother of three.

Munoz said she wanted to have kid entrepreneurs so they learn how money is spent and what it takes to run a business.

Angel Fernandez,13, owns “Kandi Store” which sells handmade bracelets using colorful beads that are chosen by the customer. @kandi_store_bracelets also sells DIY bracelet kits, so customers can make their own bracelets.

“I like making stuff, and I decided bracelets would be the best,” said the Lake Center Middle School student. “I was also in need of money, too.”

Fernandez said it was easier to make his business during the pandemic since students were at home and remote learning.

Starting a business during the pandemic was also easier for Mia Mateos, 8, owner of “Bright Lovely Creations,” and for Sofia Cruz, 11, owner of “Crafty SC.” Both businesses sell handcrafted jewelry, mask chains and other accessories.

Analia Perez, 9, sells fidget toys during a small business pop-up event in Norwalk Town Square on May 15, 2021. Her business is called “Hermosa Boutique by Analia.” (Vincent Medina)

Analia Perez, 9, sells fidget toys at her shop “Hermosa Boutique by Analia.”

“I started my business because my mom had a lot of stress from her work,” said Perez. “I also wanted to help other people who need them.”

Aaron Garcia, 9, sold his homemade butter-slime at his business “Aaron’s Slime Shack.”

“I learned to make it when I was three. It was very tiring to make,” said the young owner of @aaronsslimeshack. “You use clay to make a different texture. Some are scented like lollipops, French toast and lemonade.”

Vivi Campos, 15, creates portraits for her business @artsbyvivi_ . Her portraits are based on celebrities and anime that she feels are inspiring.

“I draw celebrities with passion because they are my favorite,” said the artist.

She displayed her paintings of Frida Kahlo and Selena, along with drawings of Goku and other anime characters.

“I learned to paint at age five, and my teachers encourage me to not give up and continue with my art. I didn’t take any formal arts class,” Campos explained.

Munoz scheduled her next small business event in Norwalk Town Square for June 12, and encouraged young entrepreneurs to keep building their business.