Weekly ‘Artist Talk’ at Cerritos


Samuel Chacko

William Camargo, one of the speakers who was born in Anaheim, California, talked about his art on Oct. 24.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

Samuel Chacko: The Cerritos Art Department held its by-weekly ‘Artist Talks’ event where the artists from the window dressing and art gallery talk about their art.

The three artists were Elin O’Hara Slavick, William Camargo and Josè Guadalupe Sánchez III.

They all got into art from their family or personal experiences they had.

After they gave their talk about their art, they answered some Q and A questions then everyone got to eat some Little Ceasers pizza and view the art from the window and inside the Fine Arts building.

This is Samuel Chacko from Talon Marks.