Women’s soccer wins 2-0 versus LACC


Lukas Luna-Arellano, Opinion Editor

Lukas Luna-Arellano: Cerritos College women’s soccer delivered a decisive victory on Oct. 21, beating visiting Los Angeles City College with a score of 2-0.

Cerritos anticipated LACC’s tight nature and took steps to counter that in their own strategy.

During the first half, the game was tied 0-0 but the Falcons pushed through in the second half, scoring two goals during said half.

While the team took two yellow cards and walked away with more fouls than LACC, the Falcons were still able to keep their rivals scoreless.

Goalie Victoria Ruiz managed to block every shot attempted by Los Angeles City.

Coach Tessa Troglia considered playing on the opposition’s weakness to be a major factor in her team’s eventual victory.

She correctly identified the tight nature of LA city and worked to stretch the team out.

Women’s Soccer did manage to overcome the fouls and yellow cards through sheer determination.

Even at their lowest, trust in one another propelled players like defender Mary Morales forward to victory.

Coach Troglia works to foster a classical, sportsman-like environment for her team.

She identifies respect, discipline, and hard work as core pillars of said environment.

The women’s falcons will journey to Los Angeles Harbor College for their next match on Nov 1.

From Talon Marks, this has been Lukas Luna.