Gordita Eateries: Cos and Pi

Avocado toast done in an artistic and delicious way.


Rebecca Aguila

Delicious avocado toast decorated with lovely delicate viola flowers

Rebecca Aguila, Online Editor

Gordita Eateries checking in to give all of you hungry college students a taste of what Los Angeles has to offer besides fast food and your typical hangout spots. It’s time for a change and a need for new foodie adventures and I’m here to help you find out the hidden gems in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles.

First up is a little neighborhood eatery located in South Pasadena right near the Goldline train station in a quaint area right by the famously historic Arroyo Seco Parkway.

Cos & Pi dishes are all way too beautiful to eat is what you will initially think, but their food packs a mighty punch! The flowers ,the food and the atmosphere, all tie in together at Cos & Pi to have the perfect summer brunch.

Their desired result is only to cater to breakfast and lunch using only the freshest and finest ingredients that are available throughout the seasons. Owned by a husband and wife by the names of Casey Wiele and Xochilt Perez, they both strive to have the food sing and speak for itself.

“From making our brioche buns/loaves to grinding our own blend of meat for our burgers. We just care a lot about the food and care about pleasing each customer whether it’s their first time dining with us or their 20th time,” states Xochilt Perez.

Their avocado toast is simply to die for! This delicate yet scrumptious dish is loaded with smashed avocado, ricotta cheese, meyer lemon emulsion, espelette French pepper, baby heirloom tomatoes and basil.

Then it is then decorated with elegant edible lavender and yellow Viola flowers to set the summer mood. It’s a work of art and tastes just as good as it looks.

“It was all Casey’s! He put them on the avocado toast not only because they are pretty but because they taste good,” says Perez.

Talk about simple, yet delicately mesmerizing?

The avocado journey isn’t over yet. Cos & Pi serves the most delicious avocado fries ever. The fries are fried to the ultimate potato crunch and is then bombarded with a huge slab of smashed avocado straight from the pit.

These fries are definitely all in your face!

If you’re in the mood for more of breakfast type of meal then their croissant breakfast sandwich is what you need.

Two cage free eggs sunny-side eggs, two thick strips of applewood smoked bacon, fresh tomato straight from the vine, wild baby arugula, a garlic aioli sauce and finally delightful French croissant baked to perfection with a buttery flaky crust.

Cos & Pi is a unique little eatery filled with great people and amazing food that is different from the normal food in Los Angeles. Enjoy their handcrafted pastries are baked fresh every morning by, wife and bakery chef, Xochilt Perez.