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“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part – 2” breaks through expectations

Doane Gregory
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart star in “The Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn Part – 2”

A feeling of utter shock swept through the audience as Twilight fans had their fantasy universe turned upside down.

Director Bill Condon made sure Twilight went out with a bang in its last installment, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” and it was great.

While this movie starts out following the book as closely as the other movies in the Twilight Saga did, it takes a sharp turn away from the storyline that twihards are not expecting.

Like many of the moviegoers, this change will have you on the edge of your seat screaming at the screen, or covering your face in shock.

Warning: If you are an avid Twilight fan, the deviation will upset you, probably to the point that you want to walk out of the movie.

While the urge to walk out might be strong fight it, staying will be worth it.

“Breaking Dawn- Part 2” is one of those movies that will go down as a game changer for this saga; the only sad part is that it happened with last installment.

People who had a negative view of Twilight because they felt it was cheesy or felt that the vampires aren’t vampire enough, will eat their words after seeing this film.

It pushes the PG-13 envelope with its racy borderline sex scenes, showing everything short of the actual act.

Kristen Stewart is breathtaking and like her character, Bella Swan, she was born to be a vampire.

Much like in “New Moon,” Robert Pattinson takes somewhat of a supporting role in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” Edward Cullen helps move the plot along and helps with comic relief but isn’t a main focus as the plot unfolds.

Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black does not disappoint Team Jacob, stripping down to just his boxers early in the film.

Unlike the previous movies, this is the only time you see his beautiful abs.

Lautner grew into his smart-aleck character very well. He moved into more of a protector throughout Part-2.

His main focus was to make sure Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesme, played by Mackenzie Foy, was safe from any and all dangers.

Twihard or not “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is an amazing movie.

Whether you are a twihard that waited in line for hours to see the midnight showing, are going to see it weeks from now or maybe just a first timer, it is a movie that you walk out of amazed and you will want to give the rest of the saga a second look.

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“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part – 2” breaks through expectations