“The Walking Dead” mid-season finale makes viewers wait until February

Sarah Niemann

Mid-season finales suck because they leave an annoying cliff hanger for a few months then jump right back in to the regular season. “The Walking Dead” is no exception.

As far as mid-season finales go, “The Walking Dead” did alright.

The whole episode was kind of dull, yes there was a lot of action but none of it played out the way the commercials made it seem.

Angela could have had one of the most epic fights scenes when it came down to choosing “love” over friendship although it was intense, no actual fighting took place.

The writers have no problem killing off main characters, which keeps it interesting for the viewers.

They never get the “oh he has to live” feeling because no one is safe, ever.

Carl continues to grow into a leader, stepping basically right into his dads footsteps.

The episode picks up at the end with one of the biggest cliff hangers The Walking Dead has ever had.

Viewers have been waiting all season for Dale to reunite with his brother; they finally get that in this episode.

About 30 seconds before the mid-season finale comes to a close.

It is an emotional on the edge of your seat 30 seconds, which makes you forget the episode it almost over until the credits pop up.

Now fans will have to wait until February to find out what happened to the two brothers and the rest of the group.