Grand Theft Auto V said to be the biggest game from the franchise

Daniel Green

After five long years, Grand Theft Auto fans can rejoice now that Rockstar Games has announced the latest entry in the series, “Grand Theft Auto V.”

In this game, players will find themselves in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is based off of Los Angeles.

Business major Jose Jimenez hopes to see better graphics since he was disappointed with the last two games.

“I hope there’s improvements, since it’s a new game

“[In the last game] the graphics were lagging, and it sometimes it would glitch.”

Developers have said that Los Santos is the biggest map ever seen in a Grand Theft Auto game, and it is larger than the last three combined.

This game will take players all across the city as well as beaches, wine country, mountains and will also allow players to explore under the sea.

To explore this vast area, the game now includes the largest amount of cars seen so far and will include vehicles such as: dirt bikes, ATVs, helicopters, planes, jet skis and even submarines for underwater missions.

Business major Jonathan Kulesza is looking forward to the new feature, which will allow players to use multiple characters.

“I’m mostly excited that you can choose from three different characters, as opposed to before, where it was one specific character.”

These characters will include Michael, a retired bank robber, Trevor, a petty criminal, and Franklin, a young up and coming criminal looking for the big score.

Unlike previous games where the player had to choose which character and story to play, this game will allow the player to switch between characters at any point in the game with the push of a button.

This mechanism will play a part in missions as players will strategize how to use each character to take down enemies while taking in to account each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

One of the complaints about Grand Theft Auto has been the clunky game play such as driving and shooting.

Rockstar Games has rebuilt the entire mechanics of game play from the ground up.

Unfortunately, fans still have a long wait ahead of them to judge for themselves as the game’s release date has been set for Sept. 17, 2013.