Students anxiously await Bioshock: Infinite

Daniel Green and Daniel Green

For Business Administration major Raul Cendejas the appeal of Bioshock has been the storytelling and the exotic world it takes place in.

“What I liked about Bioshock the game is that they were all pretty much stories of “paradise lost”. In a way it was always just like a surreal escape.”

After three years players will return to the world of Bioshock with its newest entry, “Bioshock: Infinite.”

The game is known for its mature story telling as well as it social commentary.

In the previous two games players explored the hidden underwater city of Rapture created by the eccentric billionaire Andrew Ryan.

The game takes place around the early 60s. Ryan’s city was meant to be a paradise that adhered to his conservative ideals away from the cold war era Soviet Russia and United States, ho Ryan believed held back the best of mankind with its outdated beliefs and morals.

Infinite is a departure from these games as it travels back to the turn of the century before Rapture was even built. It takes place in the floating city of Columbia. Once built to be a sign of America’s strength.

However at one point the residents of Columbia became more and more cultish in their love of America’s ideals even going as far as worshiping the founders of the constitution.

Eventually Columbia flies away leaving the country that they believed abandon the ideals of the founders.

Leaving the city that has played a major role in the previous games has lead to a mixed reaction from fans of the series. One of them will be Graphic Design major Ervin Trejo will miss the mysterious city of Rapture.

“(At) first I was devastated that it wasn’t in Rapture anymore.”

Accounting student Greg Guier has a different opinion of the change in scenery,

“Well if you think about it ‘Bioshock 2’ was just an add-on to the first game. Rapture died in the first game depending on what your ending was. I’m glad it’s moving out of Rapture because that’s what they need to do.”

The new game will also feature a new main character who is more fleshed out than the previous protagonists.

Players will play as Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent, on a mission to find a mysterious girl named Elizabeth. The reason for Booker’s mission is unknown and it is unclear whether he is rescuing Elizabeth or kidnapping her.

Either way the two must rely on each other to survive as the city is full of dangerous individuals. Elizabeth seems to have a power that allows her to open holes to different dimensions that allow her to pull guns and other items to assist Booker.

This is a change from previous games where players had only themselves to rely on.

Ervin Trejo is interested in having a companion to fight with. However he is waiting to see how adding a companion will affect the game.

“(It looks) pretty good. But (it) depends on the (programing of the character). (We’ll) see how it works out, but overall it looks pretty good.”

“Bioshock: Infinite” was originally supposed to be released in October, but was pushed back to February.

Eventually it was pushed back again to its current release date in March. Developers claim that the delay was to work out last minute bugs in the gameplay.

While the delays have annoyed many fans some are happy that the developers are working on improving the problems of the last two games.

The glitches in gameplay was one of the things Dental major David Trejo hopes will be fixed in the upcoming game.

“The last two games had a lot of bugs a lot of glitches. It had a lot of skipping. I want to see some of that (fixed).

“Bioshock: Infinite” was released on Tuesday, March 26.